Many scholars have turned to the groundbreaking critical research methodology, Youth-Led Participatory Action Research (YPAR), as a way to address both the political challenges and inherent power imbalances of conducting research with young people. Revolutionizing Education makes an extraordinarily unique contribution to the literature on adolescents by offering a broad framework for understanding this research methodology. With an informative combination of theory and practice, this edited collection brings together student writings alongside those of major scholars in the field. While remaining sensitive to the methodological challenges of qualitative inquiry, Revolutionizing Education is the first definitive statement of YPAR as it relates to sites of education.

chapter 3|22 pages

Participatory Action Research in the Contact Zone

ByMaría Elena Torre and Michelle Fine with Natasha Alexander,

chapter |4 pages

Response to Chapter 3

ByMaxine Greene

chapter |5 pages

Response to Chapter 4

BySandy Grande

chapter |6 pages

Response to Chapter 5

ByPauline Lipman

chapter 6|21 pages

“Th e Opportunity if not the Right to See”: Th e Social Justice

ByEducation Project

chapter |3 pages

Response to Chapter 6

ByLuis C. Moll

chapter 7|30 pages

Six Summers of YPAR: Learning, Action, and Change in

ByUrban Education

chapter |4 pages

Response to Chapter 7

ByJohn Rogers

chapter 9|22 pages

An Epilogue, of Sorts

ByMichelle Fine

chapter |6 pages

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