This book is a collection of Lee‘s most important works, placed in a historical setting and contextualized through the commentaries of other leading researchers in the field. The contributors were selected on the basis of their standing in the field.

chapter 1|74 pages

Moving Experiences: Perceiving As Action With a Sense of Purpose

ByColwyn Trevarthen

chapter 2|38 pages

The Ubiquitous Nature of Tau

ByJonathan Delafield-Butt, Benjaman Schögler

chapter 3|44 pages

Thinking Tau: The Emergence of Intrinsic Guidance

ByMadeleine Grealy, Joanne Smith, Gert-Jan Pepping

chapter 4|22 pages

A Tribute to Tau

ByApostolos P. Georgopoulos

chapter 5|20 pages


ByDavid Young

chapter 6|44 pages

Ideas on the Development and Control of Actions

ByClaes von Hofsten

chapter 7|36 pages

Action-Scaled Information for the Visual Control of Locomotion

ByWilliam H. Warren

chapter 9|62 pages

The Rate of Change of Tau

ByRuud van der Weel, Cathy Craig, Audrey van der Meer