Music in the Post-9/11 World addresses the varied and complex roles music has played in the wake of September 11, 2001. Interdisciplinary in approach, international in scope, and critical in orientation, the twelve essays in this groundbreaking volume examine a diverse array of musical responses to the terrorist attacks of that day, and reflect upon the altered social, economic, and political environment of "post-9/11" music production and consumption. Individual essays are devoted to the mass-mediated works of popular musicians such as Bruce Springsteen and Darryl Worley, as well as to lesser-known musical responses by artists in countries including Afghanistan, Egypt, Mexico, Morocco, Peru, and Senegal. Contributors also discuss a range of themes including the role played by Western classical music in rites of mourning and commemoration, "invisible" musical practices such as the creation of television news music, and implicit censorship in the mainstream media. Taken as a whole, this collection presents powerful evidence of the central role music has played in expressing, shaping, and contesting worldwide public attitudes toward the defining event of the early twenty-first century.

part 1|174 pages

Music, the United States, and the Mass Media After 9/11

chapter 1|24 pages

Pop goes to War, 2001–2004

U.S. Popular Music after 9/11

chapter 2|16 pages

“America: A Tribute to Heroes”:

Music, Mourning, and The Unified American Community

chapter 3|28 pages

The Sounds of American and Canadian Television News After 9/11

Entoning Horror and Grief, Fear and Anger

chapter 4|19 pages

Models of Charity and Spirit

Bruce Springsteen, 9/11, and the War on Terror

chapter 6|32 pages

“Have you Forgotten?”

Darryl Worley and the Musical Politics of Operation Iraqi Freedom

chapter 7|20 pages

For Alle Menschen?

Classical Music and Remembrance After 9/11

part 2|140 pages

Music and 9/11 Beyond the United States

chapter 8|32 pages

Terror in an Andean Key

Peasant Cosmopolitans Interpret 9/11

chapter 9|16 pages

Exploding Myths in Morocco and Senegal

Sufis Making Music after 9/11

chapter 10|29 pages

Corridos of 9/11

Mexican Ballads as Commemorative Practice

chapter 11|21 pages

“I'll Tell you why we Hate you!”

Sha‘Bān ‘ABD Ald-Rahīm and Middle Eastern Reactions to 9/11