Using case studies drawn from all areas of museum studies, Museums and their Communities explores the museums as a site of representation, identity and memory, and considers how it can influence its community.

Focusing on the museum as an institution, and its social and cultural setting, Sheila Watson examines how museums use their roles as informers and educators to empower, or to ignore, communities.

Looking at the current debates about the role of the museum, she considers contested values in museum functions and examines provision, power, ownership, responsibility, and institutional issues.

This book is of great relevance for all disciplines as it explores and questions the role of the museum in modern society.

part |146 pages

Changing Roles of Museums Over Time and Current Challenges

chapter |15 pages

The Museum and the Public

ByStephen Weil

chapter |6 pages

‘Play It Again, Sam' Reflections on a New Museology

ByMarjorie M. Halpin

chapter |23 pages

Place Exploration

Museums, Identity, Community
ByPeter Davis

chapter |19 pages

Interpretive Communities, Strategies and Repertoires

ByEilean Hooper-Greenhill

chapter |19 pages

Museums and the Combating of Social Inequality

Roles, Responsibilities, Resistance
ByRichard Sandell

chapter |13 pages

Museums for ‘The People'?

ByJosie Appleton

chapter |6 pages

A Quest for Identity

ByNelson Graburn

chapter |24 pages

‘A Place for All of Us'? Museums and Communities

ByAndrea Witcomb

chapter |14 pages

From Treasure House to Museum … and Back

ByMoira Simpson

part |95 pages

Who Controls the Museum?

chapter |21 pages

Exhibitions of Power and Powers of Exhibition

An Introduction to the Politics of Display
BySharon Macdonald

chapter |16 pages

Nuclear Reactions

The (Re)Presentation of Hiroshima at the National Air and Space Museum
ByTimothy W. Luke

chapter |15 pages

The Postmodern Exhibition

Cut on the Bias/or is Enola Gay a Verb?
BySteven C. Dubin

chapter |6 pages


A Flawed Museum
ByRoger Bordage

chapter |10 pages

Representing Diversity and Challenging Racism

The Migration Museum
ByViv Szekeres

chapter |10 pages

Collection, Repatriation and Identity

ByCressida Fforde

chapter |12 pages

Yours, Mine, or Ours?

Conflicts between Archaeologists and Ethnic Groups
ByJoe Watkins

part |106 pages

Museum and Identities

chapter |16 pages

Canadian Museums and the Representation of Culture in a Multicultural Nation

ByGeorge F. MacDonald, Stephen Alsford

chapter |11 pages

Regenerating Identity

Repatriation and the Indian Frame of Mind
ByRichard W. Hill

chapter |6 pages

Identity and Community

A Look at Four Latino Museums
ByHerlinda Zamora

chapter |23 pages

The Peopling of London Project

ByNick Merriman

chapter |15 pages

Inspiration Africa!

Using Tangible and Intangible Heritage to Promote Social Inclusion Amongst Young People With Disabilities
ByViv Golding

part |106 pages

Communities Remembering and Forgetting

chapter |18 pages

Memory Experience

The Forms and Functions of Memory
ByBarbara Misztal

chapter |9 pages

Exhibiting Memories

BySteven Lubar

chapter |3 pages

Past Tense

ByPeter Beresford

chapter |9 pages

The Exhibition that Speaks for Itself

Oral history and museums
ByAnna Green

chapter |17 pages

Contesting ‘Local' Commemoration of the Second World War

The Case of the Changi Chapel and Museum in Singapore
ByHamzah Muzaini, Brenda S.A. Yeoh

chapter |13 pages

Collective Amnesia and the Mediation of Painful Pasts

The Representation of France in the Second World War
ByKevin Walsh

chapter |4 pages

Victims Remembered

ByTiffany Jenkins

chapter |5 pages

The Holocaust Museum Concept

ByTerence Duffy

chapter |22 pages

Mapping the Memories

Politics, Place and Identity in the District Six Museum, Cape Town
ByCharmaine McEachern

part |78 pages

Challenges Museums and Communities in the Twenty-First Century

chapter |16 pages

State Authority and the Public Sphere

Ideas on the Changing Role of the Museum as a Canadian Social Institution
BySusan Ashley

chapter |9 pages


Constructing a Public Culture in the Global Age
ByAnnette van den Bosch

chapter |9 pages

Money, Power, and the History of Art

Whose Money? Whose Power? Whose Art History?
ByJames Cuno

chapter |19 pages

Museums and Source Communities

ByLaura Peers, Alison K. Brown

chapter |16 pages

Archaeology and Vanua Development in Fiji

ByAndrew Crosby

chapter |3 pages

Kist and Tell

ByMatt Barnard