The contributors to this volume describe the many facets shamanism and depth psychology have in common: animal symbolism; recognition of the reality of the collective unconscious; and healing rituals that put therapist and patient in touch with transpersonal powers. By reintroducing the core of shamanism in contemporary form, these essays shape a powerful means of healing that combines the direct contact with the inner psyche one finds in shamanism with the self-reflection and critical awareness of modern consciousness.

The contributors' draw from experiences both inside and outside the consulting room, and with cultures that include the Lakota Sioux, and those of the Peruvian Andes and the Hawaiian Islands. The focus is on those aspects of shamanism most useful and relevant to the modern practice of depth psychology. These explorations bring the young practice of analytical psychology into perspective as part of a much more ancient heritage of shamanistic healing.

part |59 pages

Beginnings and Meanings: The Shamanic Archetype

chapter Chapter 1|9 pages

Introduction: Analytical Psychology and Shamanism

ByDonald F. Sandner

chapter Chapter 2|5 pages

“What Was All that Rustling in the Woods?”: Quotes from C. G. Jung

ByMeredith Sabini

chapter Chapter 3|10 pages

Eliade, Jung, and Shamanism

ByBradley A. TePaske

chapter Chapter 4|15 pages

C. G. Jung and the Shaman's Vision

ByC. Jess Groesbeck

part |61 pages

Shamanic Medicine: Explorations in Healing

chapter Chapter 7|7 pages

Shamanic States in Our Lives

ByPatricia Damery

chapter Chapter 8|12 pages

The Felt Vision

ByJeffrey A. Raff

chapter Chapter 9|10 pages

The Clinical Use of Animals in Dreams

ByJune Kounin

chapter Chapter 10|10 pages

Serpent Fire Arousal: Its Clinical Relevance

ByLouis Vuksinick

chapter Chapter 11|11 pages

The Ally

ByJeffrey A. Raff

part |67 pages

Dark Encounters: Personal Transformations

chapter Chapter 12|13 pages

Pain and Surgery: The Shamanic Experience

ByArthur D. Colman

chapter Chapter 13|18 pages

Cancer, New Age Guilt, and the Dark Feminine

ByDyane Neilson Sherwood

chapter Chapter 14|5 pages

Learning to Listen: A Snake Calls Me to a Shamanic Path

ByCarol McRae

chapter Chapter 15|3 pages

Shamanic Dismemberment

BySteven H. Wong

chapter Chapter 16|4 pages

Coyote Attends My Surgery

ByNorma Churchill

chapter Chapter 17|12 pages

The Dark Feminine: Death in Childbirth and Entry into the Shamanic Realm

ByJanet Spencer Robinson

chapter Chapter 18|7 pages

Trapped Souls: A Passage to the Spirit World

ByLori Cromer

part |64 pages

The Numinous Web: Cultural Connections

chapter Chapter 19|10 pages

Lakota Teachings: Inipi, Humbleciya, and Yuwipi Ceremonies

ByPansy Hawk Wing

chapter Chapter 20|3 pages

Buffalo Vision

ByNorma Churchill

chapter Chapter 21|8 pages

The Sun Dance: Wiwayang Wacipi

BySteven H. Wong

chapter Chapter 23|12 pages

Beyond Tourism: Travel with Shamanic Intent

ByPilar Montero, Arthur D. Colman

chapter Chapter 24|16 pages

Firework: A Hawaiian Guidebook to the Goddess

BySara Spaulding-Phillips