More than a book about food alone, French Food uses diet as a window into issues of nationality, literature, and culture in France and abroad. Outstanding contributors from cultural studies, literary criticism, performance studies, and the emerging field of food studies explore a wide range of food matters.

chapter |3 pages


Hors d'Oeuvres
ByLawrence R. Schehr, Allen S. Weiss

chapter |46 pages

A Cultural Field in the Making: Gastronomy in Nineteenth-Century France

ByPriscilla Parkhurst Ferguson

chapter |12 pages

Culina Mutata: Carême and l' ancienne cuisine

ByPhilip Hyman

chapter |7 pages

Tastes of the Host

ByMarc Smeets

chapter |15 pages

Colette's "Écriture gourmande"

ByBrigitte Mahuzier

chapter |10 pages

Monsieur Marcel's Gay Oysters

ByFranc Schuerewegen

chapter |7 pages

Diet and Ideology in Corps et âmes

ByGerald Prince

chapter |10 pages

Existential Cocktails

ByGeorge Bauer

chapter |13 pages

The Betrayal of Moules-frites: This Is (Not) Belgium

ByStéphane Spoiden

chapter |13 pages

Tractatus Logico-Gastronomicus

ByAllen S. Weiss