Mapping Trauma and Its Wake is a compilation of autobiographic essays by seventeen of the field's pioneers, each of whom has been recognized for his or her contributions by the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. Each author discusses how he or she first got interested in the field, what each feels are his or her greatest achievements, and where the discipline might - and should - go from here. This impressive collection of essays by internationally-renowned specialists is destined to become a classic of traumatology literature. It is a text that will provide future mental health professionals with a window into the early years of this rapidly expanding field.

chapter |15 pages


ByCharles R. Figley

chapter 1|15 pages

Putting Trauma on the Radar Screen

ByAnn Wolbert Burgess

chapter 2|14 pages

It Was Always There

ByYael Danieli

chapter 3|14 pages

From Veterans of War to Veterans of Terrorism

My Maps of Trauma
ByCharles R. Figley

chapter 4|15 pages

Making It Up as I Went Along

ByMatthew J. Friedman

chapter 5|7 pages

My Life and Work

ByJudith Lewis Herman

chapter 6|10 pages

A Life in but Not Under Stress

ByMardi Horowitz

chapter 7|15 pages

Fully Primed

ByLawrence C. Kolb

chapter 8|9 pages

Psychoanalytic Approaches to Trauma

A Forty-Year Retrospective
ByHenry Krystal

chapter 9|16 pages

Some Reflections 1

ByRobert Jay Lifton

chapter 10|15 pages

There Is Reason in Action

ByFrank Ochberg

chapter 11|15 pages

Life, Trauma, and Loss

ByBeverley Raphael

chapter 12|16 pages

Choices Made, Promises Kept

ByZahava Solomon

chapter 13|15 pages

Memoirs of a Childhood Trauma Hunter

ByLenore Terr

chapter 14|9 pages

Autobiographical Essay

ByRobert J. Ursano

chapter 15|16 pages

The Body Keeps the Score

Brief Autobiography of Bessel van der Kolk
ByBessel Van Der Kolk

chapter 16|18 pages

Becoming a Psychotraumatologist

ByLars Weisaeth

chapter 17|14 pages

From Crisis Intervention to Bosnia

The Trauma Maps of John P. Wilson
ByJohn P. Wilson