Developing Cultures: Case Studies is a collection of 27 essays by a group of leading internationals scholars on the role of culture and cultural change in the evolution of countries and regions around the world.

part I|62 pages


chapter 1|20 pages

Explaining Botswana’s Success

ByStephen R. Lewis

chapter 2|19 pages

Culture and Development

Questions from South Africa 1
ByAnn Bernstein

chapter 3|20 pages

The Culture of Development in a Southwestern Nigerian Town

ByElisha P. Renne

part II|75 pages

Confucian Countries

chapter 4|18 pages

China’s Cultural Renaissance

ByTu Weiming

chapter 5|18 pages

Japanese Culture and Postwar Economic Growth

ByYoshihara Kunio

chapter 6|17 pages

Values and Development in Singapore

ByChua Beng-Huat

chapter 7|19 pages

Market Development, Political Change, and Taiwanese Cultures

ByRobert P. Weller

part III|21 pages


chapter 8|19 pages


How a Rich Nation Became Poor and Will Be Rich Again 1
ByGurcharan Das

part IV|71 pages


chapter 9|18 pages

Egypt as a Model of Development for the World of Islam

ByBassam Tibi

chapter 10|18 pages

Cultural Matters and Developmental Dilemmas in Indonesia

ByRobert W. Hefner

chapter 11|18 pages

Two Halves Did Not Make a Whole

Pakistan Before and After Bangladesh
ByF. S. Aijazuddin, Adil Najam

chapter 12|15 pages


Torn Between Two Civilizations
ByYilmaz Esmer

part V|93 pages

Latin America

chapter 13|17 pages

The Political Values of Development

The Case of Argentina
ByMariano Grondona, Marilu Del Toro

chapter 14|13 pages

The Importance of Culture

The Brazilian Case
ByMaria Lucia Victor Barbosa

chapter 15|20 pages

Economic Development and the Evolution of National Culture

The Case of Chile
ByDavid E. Hojman

chapter 16|17 pages


The Camel and the Needle
ByMiguel Basáñez

chapter 17|21 pages

Productive Values and Poverty in Venezuela

ByLuis Ugalde, Marilu Del Toro

part VI|79 pages

Orthodox/Eastern Europe

chapter 18|19 pages

Which Past Matters?

Culture and Economic Development in Eastern Europe After 1989 1
ByJanos Matyas Kovacs

chapter 19|19 pages

Timeless Identity versus Another Final Modernity

Identity Master Myth and Social Change in Georgia
ByIrakli Chkonia

chapter 20|17 pages

A Tale of Two Regions

Novgorod and Pskov as Models of Symbolic Development
ByNicolai N. Petro

chapter 21|19 pages

Cultural Change and Continuity in the Transition from Communism

The Russian Case
ByArchie Brown

part VII|97 pages

The West

chapter 22|10 pages

Scene from a Fast-Food Restaurant

Signs of the Times in Black America and the Path Beyond
ByJohn McWhorter

chapter 23|6 pages

Ireland as the Celtic Tiger

How Did It Happen?
ByDick Spring

chapter 24|19 pages

The Long and Winding Road

The Italian Path to Modernization 1
ByMatteo B. Marini

chapter 25|20 pages

Culture and the Pursuit of Success

The Case of Québec in the Twentieth Century
ByDaniel Latouche

chapter 26|17 pages

The Spanish Transition

ByCarlos Alberto Montaner, Marilu Del Toro

chapter 27|21 pages

Strong Governance and Civic Participation

Some Notes on the Cultural Dimension of the Swedish Model
ByDag Blanck, Thorleif Pettersson