Drawing together a selection of high quality, intellectually robust and stimulating articles on both theoretical and practice-based developments in the field, this Reader investigates the closely linked areas of management and marketing in the museum.

The articles, from established and world-renowned contributors, practitioners and writers at the leading edge of their fields, deal with the museum context of management and how marketing and management practices must take account of the specifics of the museum and the not-for-profit ethos.

Key writings from broader literature are included, and the collection of key writings on the investigation and study of management and marketing in the museum are of great benefit not only to those studying the subject, but also to professionals working and developing within the field.

chapter |14 pages

Complexity and Creativity in Contemporary Museum Management

ByRobert R. Janes, Richard Sandell

part |84 pages

Museums and Change

chapter |3 pages

Introduction to Part One

ByRichard Sandell, Robert R. Janes

chapter |10 pages

Leading Change

Why transformation efforts fail
ByJohn P. Kotter

chapter |19 pages

From Being about Something to Being for Somebody

The ongoing transformation of the American museum
ByStephen E. Weil

chapter |18 pages


Challenges for the 21st century
ByChristine Burton, Carol Scott

chapter |15 pages

Embracing Organizational Change in Museums

A work in progress
ByRobert R. Janes

chapter |17 pages

Museum Staff Perspectives on Organizational Change

Glenbow Museum Staff
ByRichard Sandell, Robert R. Janes

part |190 pages

Museum Management

chapter |3 pages

Introduction to Part Two

ByRichard Sandell, Robert R. Janes

chapter |38 pages

The Effective Management of Museums

Cohesive leadership and visitor-focused public programming
ByDes Griffin, Morris Abraham

chapter |6 pages

The University Art Museum

Defining purpose and mission
ByPeter F. Drucker

chapter |15 pages

Strategic Management for Visitor-oriented Museums

A change of focus
ByEva M. Reussner

chapter |18 pages

Liberty Science Center in the United States

A mission focused on external relevance
ByEmlyn H. Koster, Stephen H. Baumann

chapter |14 pages

Measuring Social Value

ByCarol Scott

chapter |10 pages

Beyond Big and Awesome

Outcome-based evaluation
ByStephen E. Weil

chapter |14 pages

Volunteers in the Heritage Sector

A neglected audience?
ByKirsten Holmes

chapter |19 pages

Visionary Leadership and Missionary Zeal

ByStuart W. Davies

chapter |17 pages

Interim Directorships in Museums

Their impact on individuals and significance to institutions
ByRobert I. Goler

part |127 pages

Marketing the Museum

chapter |3 pages

Introduction to Part Three

ByRichard Sandell, Robert R. Janes

chapter |19 pages

The Marketing Approach in Museums

ByJean-Michel Tobelem

chapter |18 pages

Can Museums be All Things to All People?

Missions, goals, and marketing's role
ByNeil Kotler, Philip Kotler

chapter |21 pages

Museum Marketing

Understanding different types of audiences
ByRuth Rentschler

chapter |11 pages

Expanding The Museum Audience Through Visitor Research

ByCarol M. Komatsuka

chapter |6 pages

A Delicate Balance

Museums and the marketplace
ByVictoria D. Alexander

chapter |10 pages

The Impact of Free Entry to Museums

ByAndy Martin