In addition to providing the reader with a thorough overview of the trends in HR strategies and practice and the challenges faced by HR executives in Latin America, this book also explores cultural issues critical to conducting business and understanding human resource management in this region.

Structured in two distinct parts, Davila and Elvira's comprehensive book moves from a general overview of the economic, managerial and leadership styles found in Latin America to the current status, role and importance of the HR function in a variety of country-specific chapters including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Central America and Panama. Expert scholars from the region and abroad highlight how regional characteristics affect HRM practices according to the particular development of each country, and country specific chapters focus on:

  • aspects of key institutional determinants of HRM practices (such as laws, politics, economy)
  • the current status, role and importance of the HR function in most firms
  • review practices including pay, staffing and labour relations
  • trends for the near future.

Written from a Latin American perspective, and by contributors with interdisciplinary backgrounds, it features topical, original research and forms an essential component of the Global HRM series, complementing the other texts.  Using up-to-the-minute case studies, this text is invaluable reading for academics, students and practitioners of HRM, personnel management and international business alike.

part I|94 pages

Understanding the Latin American cultural and economic context

part II|158 pages

Human resource management in Latin American countries

chapter 5|14 pages

Human resource management in Argentina

ByRubén A. Figueiredo

chapter 6|18 pages

Human resource management in Brazil

ByBetania Tanure

chapter 7|20 pages

Human resource management in Central America and Panama 1

ByAsbjorn Osland, Joyce S. Osland

chapter 8|16 pages

Human resource management in Chile

ByDario Rodríguez, Rene Rios, Eugenio de Solminihac, Francisca Rosene

chapter 9|14 pages

Human resource management in Colombia

ByEnrique Ogliastri, Jaime Ruiz, Ivan Martínez

chapter 10|12 pages

Human resource management in Mexico

ByL. Fernando Arias-Galicia

chapter 11|16 pages

Human resource management in Peru

ByMary F. Sully de Luque, Lydia A. Arbaiza

chapter 12|14 pages

Human resource management in Uruguay

ByGaston J. Labadie

chapter 13|14 pages

Human resource management in Venezuela 1

ByHenry Gómez-Samper, Patricia Monteferrante

chapter 14|18 pages

Emergent directions for human resource management: research in Latin America

ByMarta M. Elvira, Anabella Davila