Nursing and the Experience of Illness encourages nurses to reflect on the experience of their patients, in order to improve their practice and to develop an individualised approach to care. Vivid case studies present real nursing encounters and offer a user-friendly model for independent research by the reader.

This accessible introduction to phenomenology for nurses explains what has become one of the most widely used qualitative research methods within healthcare and covers topics including:

*phenomenology in nursing
*critical illness and intensive care
*breast cancer and mastectomy
*living with schizophrenia.

Building on the work of key nursing theorist Patricia Benner, this readable way in to qualitative research in nursing will be suitable for both undergraduate and postgraduate nursing students.

chapter 1|15 pages

Phenomenology and nursing

ByJo Ann Walton, Irena Madjar

chapter 2|17 pages

The pathic nature of inquiry and nursing

ByMax van Manen

chapter 3|19 pages

On living with chronic leg ulcers

ByMarian Bland

chapter 4|18 pages

On confronting life and death

ByVicki Parker

chapter 5|18 pages

On surviving breast cancer and mastectomy

ByKyung-Rim Shin

chapter 6|22 pages

On living with schizophrenia

ByJo Ann Walton

chapter 7|20 pages

On living with chronic pain

ByAnn O’Loughlin

chapter 8|22 pages

On inflicting and relieving pain

ByIrena Madjar

chapter 9|17 pages

On caring and being cared for