First published in 1999. societies and 'justice' systems pose for women. This is the first in the Women and the Law series is devoted to examining the implementation and implications of various policies and practices as they affect women around the world. Women and Justice: Development of International Policy deals with an analysis of women as viewed from the point of specific systems of justice and issues of equal treatment before the law. It is not intended to include all countries but to present an overview of certain representative areas as a basis for comparison against our American form of justice for women.

chapter |9 pages

Women and the Law

The American Way

chapter |20 pages

Women Professionals in Criminal Justice

A Global Perspective

chapter |16 pages

Gender and Crime Across Social Contexts

The Case of the United States and Finland

chapter |12 pages

Discrimination Against Women Under the Nationality Laws

Case Studies for Egypt and Lebanon

chapter |12 pages

From Arrest Avoidance to Mandatory Arrest

Some Historic, Social and Legal Forces that Have Shaped Police Spouse Abuse Policies in the United States

chapter |4 pages

Research Note

Gender Differences in Crime

chapter |2 pages