Essays on themes (migration, pilgrimage and travel) as old as Islam itself and integral in the development of a cosmopolitan Islamic social order embracing much of Africa and Eurasia.

part |23 pages

Migration (Hijra)

part |21 pages


chapter |11 pages

TheḤajj in the Second Civil War

ByG.R. Hawting

part |113 pages

Travel (Riḥla)

chapter |10 pages

International Migrations of Literate Muslims in the Later Middle Period:

The Case of Ibn Baṭṭūṭ
ByRoss E. Dunn

chapter |8 pages

The Riḥla:

Fact or Fiction?
ByC.F. Beckingham

chapter |13 pages

Les ‘Détenus Arabes' De Calvi, 1871–1903

ByFanny Colonna

chapter |45 pages

The Pilgrim From Pest:

Goldziher's Study Tour to the Near East (1873–1874)
ByLawrence I. Conrad

chapter |7 pages

Najīb Maḣfūẓ in Search of the Ideal State:

A Critique of his Riḥlat Ibn Faṭṭūma
ByR. El-Enany

chapter |13 pages

A Muslim Pilgrim's Progress:

ByFatma Moussa-Mahmoud