As a meeting point for world cultures, the USA is characterized by its breadth and diversity. Acknowledging that diversity is the fundamental feature of American culture, this volume is organized around a keen awareness of race, gender, class and space and with over 1,200 alphabetically-arranged entries - spanning 'the American century' from the end of World War II to the present day - the Encyclopedia provides a one-stop source for insightful and stimulating coverage of all aspects of that culture.
Entries range from short definitions to longer overview essays and with full cross-referencing, extensive indexing, and a thematic contents list, this volume provides an essential cultural context for both teachers and students of American studies, as well as providing fascinating insights into American culture for the general reader. The suggestions for further reading, which follows most entries, are also invaluable guides to more specialized sources.

Contents include: * Woody Allen * Beat generation * Bill of Rights * blaxploitation films * culture wars * Brett Easton Ellis * environmentalism * freedom/liberty * infertility * Quincy Jones * Liberace * marijuana * Eugene McCarthy * Microsoft * old age * Pacific Rim * Sylvia Plath * race and ethnicity * refugees * Scientology * Paul Simon * strikes * teenagers * Time Warner