Casting the Other: Maintaining Gender Inequalities in the Workplace focuses on the production and maintenance of gender inequalities in organizations. By emphasizing 'difference' as something to be managed many organizations institute the 'problem of difference', and while orgainzations pay lip-service to ideas of equality, their day-to-day practices may be unchanged and unchallenged. Discrimination of various groups such as women, immigrants and older people continues and its dynamics remain unclear, largely because of the difficulties of studying it in the field. Additionally, various programs aimed at removing inequality, such as gender equality of managing diversity programs, may actually promote it by making differences visible and stabilizing them. Management, under these circumstances, comes to refer to the management of appearances which take the place of more radical acts to change the 'status quo'.

chapter |6 pages

Casting the Other

ByBarbara Czarniawska, Heather Höpfl

chapter 1|10 pages

How do statistical aggregates work?

About the individual and organizational effects of general classifications
ByMarja Gastelaars

chapter 2|1 pages

Gender order and disorder: the articulation of women and disorder as resources in the establishment of new medical practices KARIN FERNLER

The articulation of women and disorder as resources in the establishment of new medical practices
ByKarin Fernler

chapter 3|8 pages

The construction of the female entrepreneur as the Other

ByHelene Jonson Ahl

chapter |8 pages

The public story

chapter 4|11 pages

Keeping the veil of otherness

Practising disconnection
ByValérie Fournier

chapter |7 pages

Otherness and difference

chapter |3 pages


chapter 5|1 pages

Construction of gender in corporations

ByUlla Eriksson-Zetterquist

chapter |4 pages

Rite of passage

chapter 6|15 pages

Individual vs collective action

Gender inequality and women’s action strategies in German and Swedish business firms
ByHildegard Theobald

chapter 7|19 pages

Gender–neutral gender and denial of the difference PÄIVI KORVAJÄRVI

ByPäivi Korvajärvi

chapter 8|5 pages

The Black Engel

Women from the ruins of the National Board of Building
ByLeena Eräsaari

chapter |9 pages

Women in the NBB

chapter |8 pages

Depressions, lacks and survivals

chapter 9|21 pages

The business case for diversity and the ‘Iron Cage’

ByDeborah R. Litvin

chapter |3 pages

Beyond the business case

chapter |1 pages


chapter 10|20 pages

Casting the native subject

Ethnographic practice and the (re)production of difference
ByPushkala Prasad, Anshuman Prasad