People play a vital part in the success of projects, initiatives and organisations, yet traditional project management sources offer limited guidance and insights that extend beyond technical roles and prescriptions. Leading the Project Revolution delves into the dynamics of people, teams and organisations exploring their impact on leadership, strategy, success and achievement.

The book offers a progressive agenda for improving project practice, enabling the dialogue to advance from the typical coverage of static toolsets towards an understanding of flexible mindsets. Flexibility, agility and resilience are addressed as the social, cultural and complexity dimensions of leadership, strategy, organisations and project execution are examined and practical insights are synthesised into pragmatic models and frameworks.

The volume brings together some of the best writing by leading authorities on teams, leadership, corporate culture, human behaviour, organisational dynamics, psychology, complexity, strategy, execution, innovation, social media and decision sourcing.

part |1 pages


chapter |8 pages

In search of a revolution

From toolsets to mindsets

part 1|1 pages


chapter |7 pages

The leaders we deserve?

chapter |16 pages

Developing leadership agility

Different projects, different approaches

part 2|1 pages


chapter |8 pages

Reframing leadership

Why what you search for will determine what you find

chapter |16 pages

Paradoxes of perspective

Leaders, leading and leadership

part 5|1 pages


part 6|1 pages


chapter |11 pages

The map is not the territory

chapter |6 pages

Choosing to change

part 7|1 pages

Shadow working

chapter |6 pages

Working in the shadows

Exposing our inner demons

chapter |6 pages

Shadow Working in Project Management

Towards new levels of consciousness in groups

part 8|1 pages


chapter |7 pages

Strategy execution

Overcoming the alignment trap

part 9|1 pages


part |1 pages


chapter |4 pages

Reframing the new agenda