This book explores the intersectional perspective of sustainable social development in key sectors, such as education and skill development, health and nutrition, gender concerns, and food security and agriculture in India. It delves into contemporary concerns of poverty, employment and inclusive growth, and social marginalisation and inequality. The volume brings together the contributions of various stakeholders from academia, research organisations, NGOs and policymakers to address social-sector issues and sustainable development goals (SDGs) in the Indian context. It reflects on policies, strategies and performance in the context of Constitutional goals and the commitment to global SDGs and examines the character and contours of social development in the country.

Comprehensive and topical, this volume will be useful to scholars, researchers, policymakers and practitioners of development studies, political studies, sociology and development economics.

part I|61 pages


chapter 1|59 pages

Social-sector development in India

An overview

part II|14 pages


chapter 2|12 pages

Reflections on sustainable development goals from the perspective of developing countries

Transformative change or business as usual?

part III|49 pages

Education and skill development

chapter 3|18 pages

School education in India and SDGs

Issues and challenges

chapter 4|15 pages

Knowledge, skills and sustainable development

Role of higher education

chapter 5|14 pages

Challenges beyond schooling

Skilling youth to realise the goal of vocational education and training in India

part IV|74 pages

Health, nutrition and food security

chapter 6|13 pages

Achieving sustainable development Goal 3 in the Indian context

The policy-action incoherence

chapter 7|25 pages

Public health policies

Generating revenues or relief?

chapter 8|15 pages

Macro-masking of micro realities

Access to food and nutrition among tribals

part V|45 pages

Gender equality

chapter 11|18 pages

Women’s work participation and maternity protection conundrum in India

Call for high-priority interventions

part VI|66 pages

Poverty, employment and inequality

chapter 12|15 pages

Are we really concerned about employment?

Some reflections on India’s current macroeconomic policy regime

part VII|15 pages


chapter 16|13 pages

Making India’s development inclusive

Centrality of education and health