The issue of security in the Gulf has an importance which goes far beyond the regional location of the area. It is enough to note that instability in the area may result in the interruption of oil supplies to the rest of the world. This book, first published in 1981, considers some of the challenges facing the region following recent developments such as the fall of the Shah and the proclamation of the Islamic Republic in Iran, the Soviet presence in Afghanistan, the formation of an American task force to intervene in the area, the failure of the Camp David agreement and the Iran-Iraq war.

1. What Do Oil Producers Want from the Consumers? Sheikh A. Al-Tariki  2. The Iranian Revolution in International Affairs: Programme and Practice Fred Halliday  3. Oil and Security in US Policy Towards the Arabian Gulf – Indian Ocean Area Robert J. Hanks  4. Oil and Soviet Policy in the Arabian Gulf – Indian Ocean Area Ruben N. Andreasyan  5. The American Answer Robert Pranger  6. American Domestic and Foreign Policy and the Arab-Israeli Conflict James E. Akins  7. An Arab View of Superpower ‘Security’ in the Gulf Ahmed Baha El-Din  8. Britain and the Gulf Douglas Hurd  9. Britain, the EEC and the Middle East Michael Field  10. Oil Prospects in the Gulf: the EEC and the Gulf Michel Jobert  11. Is a European Policy Possible?  12. Oil and Great Power Rivalry in the Gulf – Indian Ocean Area: Attitudes of Third World Countries Indu Prakash Singh  13. Can the Indian Ocean States Keep Out the Great Powers? Tim Niblock  14. Oil and Security in the Gulf: An Arab Point of View Mohammad El-Rumaihi  15. The Gulf War