Information Visualization in the Era of Innovative Journalism brings together over 30 authors from countries around the world to synthesize how recent technological innovations have impacted the development, practice and consumption of contemporary journalism.

As technology rapidly progresses, shifts, and innovates, there have been immense changes in the way we communicate. This book collects research from around the world that takes an in-depth look at the primary transformations related to journalistic innovation in recent times. High-profile contributors provide cutting-edge scholarship on innovation in journalism as it relates to emergent topics such as virtual reality, podcasting, multimedia infographics, social media, mobile storytelling and others. The book pays special attention to the development of information visualization and the ability of recent innovations to meet audience needs and desires.

Students and scholars studying contemporary journalism history and practice will find this a vital and up-to-date resource, as well as those studying communication technology as it relates to marketing, PR or mass media broadly.

chapter 1|14 pages

Digital Society’s Technological Network

From Saying Goodbye to Analogue to Intelligent Automation

chapter 3|16 pages

Mobile Devices and Mobile Content

Technologies for Participation and New Forms of Content

chapter 6|12 pages

New Information Consumptions

The Impact of Audiences on Journalistic Roles

chapter 10|20 pages

From Artisans to Engineers

How Technology Transformed Formats, Workflows, Teams and the Craft of Infographics and Data Visualization in the News