Practical and forward-thinking, Developing Teacher Leaders in Special Education is the administrator's essential guide to growing special educator leadership in any school, district, or program. Special educators need to be flexible, proactive, and collaborative – qualities that make them uniquely suited to roles in school leadership – but these skills are often overlooked when choosing effective teacher leaders. Featuring helpful tips and detailed examples to demonstrate the concepts in action, this book breaks down the qualities that special educators can bring to your school leadership team and explores how you can leverage those skills to create a more inclusive and successful community.

chapter 1|16 pages

Teacher Preparation

BySkip Kumm, Gina Braun, Christerralyn Brown, Samantha Walte

chapter 2|23 pages

Teacher Leadership

ByAmanda Passmore, Cristina Salvador, Catrina Dorsey

chapter 3|22 pages

Using Data

ByKary Zarate, Laura Kiel, Amanda Passmore

chapter 4|20 pages

Data-Based Individualization

ByGeraldo Tobon, James Hanley, Kasandra Posey

chapter 5|19 pages

Instructional Expertise

ByCourtney Lynn Barcus, Bryan Moles

chapter 6|16 pages

Adaptive Expertise

ByBryan Moles, Courtney Lynn Barcus

chapter 7|15 pages


ByKasandra Posey, Krista McGrath, Geraldo Tobon

chapter 8|17 pages


ByCatrina Dorsey, Kary Zarate