The History of Educational Measurement collects essays on the most important topics in educational testing, measurement, and psychometrics. Authored by the field’s top scholars, this book offers unique historical viewpoints, from origins to modern applications, of formal testing programs and mental measurement theories. Topics as varied as large-scale testing, validity, item-response theory, federal involvement, and notable assessment controversies complete a survey of the field’s greatest challenges and most important achievements. Graduate students, researchers, industry professionals, and other stakeholders will find this volume relevant for years to come.

part 1|154 pages

Testing Movements

chapter 1|19 pages

Early Efforts

ByLuz Bay, Terry Ackerman

chapter 2|20 pages

Development and Evolution of the SAT and ACT

ByMichelle Croft, Jonathan J. Beard

chapter 3|23 pages

The History of Norm- and Criterion-Referenced Testing 1

ByKurt F. Geisinger

chapter 5|24 pages

Historical Milestones in the Assessment of English Learners

ByJamal Abedi, Cecilia Sanchez

chapter 6|25 pages

Evolving Notions of Fairness in Testing in the United States

ByStephen G. Sireci, Jennifer Randall

chapter 7|19 pages

A Century of Testing Controversies 1

ByRebecca Zwick

part 2|206 pages

Measurement Theory and Practice

chapter 8|24 pages

A History of Classical Test Theory

ByBrian E. Clauser

chapter 9|25 pages

The Evolution of the Concept of Validity

ByMichael Kane, Brent Bridgeman

chapter 10|26 pages

Generalizability Theory

ByRobert L. Brennan

chapter 11|31 pages

Item Response Theory

A Historical Perspective and Brief Introduction to Applications
ByRichard M. Luecht, Ronald K. Hambleton

chapter 12|29 pages

A History of Scaling and its Relationship to Measurement

ByDerek C. Briggs

chapter 13|26 pages

A History of Bayesian Inference in Educational Measurement

ByRoy Levy, Robert J. Mislevy

chapter 14|25 pages

History of Test Equating Methods and Practices Through 1985

ByMichael J. Kolen

chapter 15|18 pages

A History of Rasch Measurement Theory

ByGeorge Engelhard, Stefanie A. Wind