This timely handbook examines the most contemporary, controversial and cutting-edge issues related to the involvement of volunteers in the fields of events, sport and tourism.

Split into thematic sections, the primary areas covered include: key disciplinary approaches to understanding volunteerism, international contexts, managing volunteers, the impacts and legacies of volunteering and future trends in these sectors including online and digital volunteering. Commonalities and differences of volunteering in these sectors are drawn out throughout the volume. A diverse range of case studies are examined including the 2007 UEFA Under 21 Championship hosted by Poland, the development of the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, the Vancouver, London and Pyeong Chang Olympic Games, Belgium’s National Day in 2019, the Puffing Billy railway in Australia, as well as many other examples looking at destination services organizations, museums, grassroots associations, corporate events, community events and visitor attractions.

Drawing on the academic and practical expertise of over 50 authors from across the globe, the handbook provides an invaluable resource for all those with an interest in volunteering in these sectors, encouraging dialogue across disciplinary boundaries and areas of study in order to advance volunteering research and practice in the fields of events, sport and tourism.

part 2|77 pages

Volunteering in tourism and sport

part 3|75 pages

Volunteering at events

chapter 13|13 pages

Enhancing volunteer skills through mega sport events

Evidence from London 2012 Olympic Games

chapter 14|16 pages

London, Vancouver, and PyeongChang Olympics

A comparison of volunteer motivations

chapter 15|12 pages

Volunteering at community events

From volunteering for an event to volunteering as an event

chapter 17|9 pages

Helping through sport and events within corporate volunteering

Benefits for volunteers and companies

chapter 18|11 pages

Volunteering at business events

Insights from China

part 4|81 pages

Managing volunteers

part 5|56 pages

Impacts and legacies of volunteering

chapter 26|14 pages

“It's just a fun day out really”

Perceptions of volunteering and mega-event volunteer legacy

chapter 28|13 pages

Widening the scope of evaluating volunteer tourism

Beyond impact measurement

part 6|71 pages

Critical issues in volunteering

chapter 29|14 pages

Ethics of volunteering in tourism

Ethics of the heart

chapter 31|16 pages

Intercultural learning or just having fun?

What volunteer tourism providers can learn from educational volunteering programmes to enhance intercultural competencies

chapter 32|9 pages

Service learning and volunteering

A case study of service learning in Chinese business events volunteering

chapter 33|9 pages

Volunteering and obligation

Positive and negative

chapter 34|10 pages

Glocal citizenship

Lofty ideals in regional space

part 7|66 pages

New directions in volunteering research