This book is a comprehensive examination of the society, polity and economy of South Asian countries and their future trajectories. The chapters included in the volume present key insights into the geopolitical dynamics of the region.

New Futures for South Asia:

  • draws on case studies from the region to discuss how democracy has fared in terms of state-society linkages, transformational possibilities and the globalization and radicalization of politics;
  • studies possibilities of economic cooperation in South Asia, including common currency, regional imbalances and aid, transport connectivity and electricity consumption;
  • examines the crucial role of SAARC and bilateralism in forging connectivities across the diverse geographies of the region.

A major intervention in re-shaping South Asian studies, this book will be a great resource for scholars and researchers of security studies, strategic affairs, international relations, development studies and politics.

chapter |8 pages


Edited ByAdluri Subramanyam Raju

part Part 1|54 pages

Emerging trends in South Asia

chapter 1|10 pages

Visualizing a new South Asia

ByMahendra P. Lama

chapter 2|14 pages

Challenges and opportunities in South Asia

ByMahesh Bhatta

chapter 4|10 pages

SAARC needs China or China needs SAARC?

ByPraveen Tiwari, Rashmi Mahat

chapter 5|9 pages

Bilateralism in South Asia

Future scenario
Edited ByAdluri Subramanyam Raju

part Part 2|66 pages

Democracy in South Asia

chapter 6|18 pages

South Asia in future

Democratization and the politics of transformation
ByShibashis Chatterjee

chapter 7|17 pages

Globalization, radicalization and South Asia

Bringing people in
ByAmena Mohsin

chapter 8|18 pages

Challenges to the democratization process in South Asia

Looking at the future
BySmruti S. Pattanaik

chapter 9|11 pages

Perception building in India–Pakistan relations

The media’s agenda
ByRamakrishnan Ramani

part Part 3|45 pages

Economic cooperation in South Asia

chapter 10|19 pages

Re-energizing economic cooperation through regional aid for trade

Lessons from Europe
ByKithmina V. Hewage

chapter 11|11 pages

Common currency in South Asia

An optimalist assessment
ByRahul Tripathi

chapter 12|13 pages

Regional imbalances and implications for South Asian economic integration

ByG. Jayachandra Reddy

part Part 4|40 pages

Connectivity in South Asia

chapter 13|17 pages

Transport connectivity in South Asian sub-region

Emerging trends, opportunities and challenges
ByIndranath Mukherji

chapter 14|10 pages

Linkages between electricity consumption and economic growth

Evidence from South Asian economies
ByKamal Raj Dhungel

chapter 15|11 pages

Connectivity between India and Sri Lanka

A model for South Asia
ByN. Manoharan