This book provides fresh insights into the theory and policy of regional and multilateral trade from the perspective of developing countries. With the collapse of talks at the WTO Doha round, regionalism has proliferated in the form of Regional Trade Agreements (RTAs). This in turn has raised a number of critical issues in global trade policy debate. Given the implication of RTAs and WTO negotiations on economic development, the book emphasises that it is essential to examine the macro and micro effects of international trade flows on welfare, revenue, poverty and environment, particularly in the light of diversities, heterogeneities and limited financial capacity of developing countries. It discusses various issues of trade, investment, poverty, gender and legal dimensions in the regional and multilateral framework and is a useful guide to formulation of trade and economic policies for the benefit of developing countries. 

The book will be of primary interest to those in economics, commerce and management, and will be a useful reference for alternative research in this area.

chapter |13 pages


ByShahid Ahmed, Shahid Ashraf

part 1|78 pages

Macro and CGE Modelling of International Trade

part 2|59 pages

Regional Integration in South Asia

chapter 4|11 pages

South Asian Integration: Dream or Reality

ByRajan Sudesh Ratna

chapter 5|28 pages

Fostering Regional Trade in South Asia: Prospects and Challenges*

ByKazi Mahmudur Rahman, Syed Saifuddin Hossain, Asif Anwar, Tariqur Rahman

chapter 6|18 pages

A Study of Economic Feasibility of Optimum Currency Area in South Asia

ByMirza Allim Baig

part 3|59 pages

Trade Integration in Africa and Arab States

chapter 7|18 pages

Regional Integration and Small Resource-based Economies: An African Perspective

ByNarain Sinha, Imogen Bonolo Mogotsi, Anthony Kimotho Macharia

chapter 9|17 pages

The Contribution of Trade to Growth of Arab Countries

ByHossam Younes, Abd El-Wakil Mohammed Abo-Taleb

part 4|111 pages

Sectoral Dimensions of International Trade

chapter 10|20 pages

Comparison of Trade Complementarities and Similarities between India and ASEAN Countries

ByB. P. Sarath Chandran, P. K. Sudarsan

chapter 12|14 pages

RTAs: The Way Forward for India

ByPrahalathan S. Iyer

chapter 13|26 pages

ASEAN-India FTA: Sensitivity Analysis of the Textiles and Clothing Sector of India

ByP. Nayak, Shakeel Ahamed

chapter 14|30 pages

Impacts of Foreign Investment on Indian Auto Industry

ByBadri G. Narayanan, Pankaj Vashisht

part 5|70 pages

Some Legal and Other Economic Issues of the WTO Process