Priorities for Health Promotion and Public Health brings together the evidence behind the UK’s public health priorities into one comprehensible textbook.

Taking one theme per chapter, the book examines the social and environmental influences that shape people’s health; health inequalities; poverty and health; mental, emotional and spiritual health; sexual health; physical inactivity; diet; tobacco; alcohol; drugs; weight; cardiovascular disease; cancer; diabetes and dementia. The book takes a holistic approach, combining scientific and epidemiological evidence with the subjective experiences of those who undergo these health journeys. Each chapter explains the causes of poor health and the evidence behind the recommendations for good health and ends by demonstrating the health benefits of positive action. This is a core text for those studying health promotion or public health, and a supplementary text for students of healthcare and social care. The book focusses on adults’ health in the UK, with examples from the four nations, and provides some contextual international information where relevant.

Priorities for Health Promotion and Public Health is an ideal companion for busy practitioners who work across the wider sectors that support people’s health and wellbeing. It is also an essential textbook for students new to health promotion and public health.

part I|147 pages

Social and environmental determinants of health

part II|203 pages

Health-related behaviours

chapter 6|24 pages

Sexual health

chapter 7|25 pages

Physical inactivity and health

chapter 8|33 pages

Diet and health

chapter 9|29 pages

Tobacco and health

chapter 10|31 pages

Alcohol and health

chapter 11|32 pages

Drugs and health

chapter 12|27 pages

Weight and health

part III|144 pages

Non-communicable diseases

chapter 13|39 pages

Cardiovascular disease

chapter 14|38 pages


chapter 15|35 pages


chapter 16|30 pages