Find the answers to disaster and emergency management research questions with Disaster and Emergency Management Methods. Written to engage students and to provide a flexible foundation for instructors and practitioners, this interdisciplinary textbook provides a holistic understanding of disaster and emergency management research methods used in the field.

The disaster and emergency management contexts have a host of challenges that affect the research process that subsequently shape methodological approaches, data quality, analysis and inferences. In this book, readers are presented with the considerations that must be made before engaging in the research process, in addition to a variety of qualitative and quantitative methodological approaches that are currently being used in the discipline. Current, relevant, and fascinating real-world applications provide a window into how each approach is being applied in the field.

Disaster and Emergency Management Methods serves as an effective way to empower readers to approach their own study of disaster and emergency management research methods with confidence.

chapter |7 pages


Engaging in Research Within the Disaster and Emergency Management Context

part II|122 pages

Qualitative and Interpretivist Approaches to Studying Disaster and Emergency Management

chapter Chapter 6|18 pages

Interviewing in a Disaster Context

chapter Chapter 8|14 pages

Site Mapping as Participatory Action

A Methodology for Practitioners, Academics, Students, and the Community

chapter Chapter 10|15 pages

Ethnography Without Experimentation

Ethnographic Methods in Post-disaster Contexts

part III|145 pages

Quantitative and Policy Approaches to Studying Disaster and Emergency Management

chapter Chapter 13|15 pages

Large Secondary Datasets

Imperative for Addressing Global Public Health Disasters

chapter Chapter 16|20 pages

Quasi-experimental Research in the Wild

Walking the Line Between Quantitative and Qualitative 1

chapter Chapter 17|33 pages

Using Historical Institutionalism

FEMA and U.S. Disaster Declarations

chapter Chapter 18|16 pages

Mapping Resilience

GIS Techniques for Disaster Studies

chapter |15 pages

Understanding Disasters

Questions Should Drive Methods and Other Interdisciplinary Lessons