Neoliberal globalization is in deep crisis. This crisis is manifested on a global scale and embodies a number of fundamental contradictions, a central one of which is the global rise of authoritarianism and fascism. This emergent form of authoritarianism is a right-wing reaction to the problems generated by globalization supported and funded by some of the largest and most powerful corporations in their assault against social movements on the left to prevent the emergence of socialism against global capitalism.

As the crisis of neoliberal global capitalism unfolds, and as we move to the brink of another economic crisis and the threat of war, global capitalism is once again resorting to authoritarianism and fascism to maintain its power. This book addresses this vital question in comparative-historical perspective and provides a series of case studies around the world that serve as a warning against the impending rise of fascism in the 21st century.

chapter Chapter 1|12 pages


Crisis of Neoliberal Globalization and the Rise of Authoritarianism in the Early 21st Century
ByBerch Berberoglu

part I|17 pages

Crisis of Neoliberalism and the Rise of Authoritarianism

part II|57 pages

Neoliberalism and the Rise of Authoritarianism in the Leading States of the World Economy

part III|69 pages

Neoliberalism and the Rise of Authoritarianism in Latin America, Asia, and Africa

chapter Chapter 6|24 pages

The Latin American Politics of Neoliberal Authoritarianism

ByJames Petras, Henry Veltmeyer

chapter Chapter 8|25 pages

Neoliberalism, Authoritarianism, and Popular Resistance in Africa

ByPatrick Bond

part IV|59 pages

Case Studies of Neoliberal Authoritarianism in the Periphery

chapter Chapter 9|17 pages

Saffron Fascism

The Conflux of Hindutva Ultra-Nationalism, Neoliberal Extractivism, and the Rise of Authoritarian Populism in Modi’s India
ByAshok Kumbamu

chapter Chapter 10|19 pages

Neoliberalism, Fascism, and People’s Resistance in the Philippines

ByLigaya Lindio-McGovern

chapter Chapter 11|21 pages

Neoliberalism and the Rise of Authoritarianism in Turkey Under the AKP

ByYıldız Atasoy

part V|56 pages

Neoliberalism and the Rise of Authoritarianism in Former Socialist States

chapter Chapter 12|30 pages

Neoliberalism, Crisis, and Authoritarian-Ethnicist Politics

The Consolidation of the Orbán Regime in Hungary
ByAdam Fabry

chapter Chapter 13|24 pages

Crisis of Neoliberalism and the Rise of Authoritarianism in Poland

How a “Good Change” is Turning Poland into a Neo-Authoritarian State
ByNadia Smiecinska

part VI|6 pages

The Future of Neoliberal Global Capitalism and the Struggle Against Authoritarianism and Fascism

chapter Chapter 14|4 pages


Neoliberal Capitalist Authoritarianism, Resistance, and Revolution on a Global Scale
ByBerch Berberoglu