This book explores hybrid play as a site of interdisciplinary activity—one that is capable of generating new forms of mobility, communication, subjects, and artistic expression as well as new ways of interacting with and understanding the world.

The chapters in this collection explore hybrid making, hybrid subjects, and hybrid spaces, generating interesting conversations about the past, current and future nature of hybrid play. Together, the authors offer important insights into how place and space are co-constructed through play; how, when, and for what reasons people occupy hybrid spaces; and how cultural practices shape elements of play and vice versa.

A diverse group of scholars and practitioners provides a rich interdisciplinary perspective, which will be of great interest to those working in the areas of games studies, media studies, communication, gender studies, and media arts.

chapter |12 pages


Understanding hybrid play

part I|66 pages

Hybrid making

chapter 1|15 pages

You start it

A dialogue with Nick Tandavanitj from Blast Theory

chapter 2|17 pages

Keeping coherence across thresholds

A narrative perspective on hybrid games

chapter 3|18 pages

Training perceptions through play

A case for building interactive autoethnographic experiences through Twine

chapter 4|14 pages


A feminist software analysis

part II|70 pages

Hybrid subjects

chapter 5|17 pages

The hybrid agency of hybrid play

chapter 6|14 pages

Casual bodies are hybrid bodies

chapter 7|15 pages

Hybrid play in edutainment

A media archaeology approach to Math Blaster!

chapter 8|22 pages

Subjectivation in the making

The hybrid logics of productivity and play in the university makerspace

part III|68 pages

Hybrid spaces

chapter 9|16 pages

Haptic play

Understanding hybrid play through Pokémon GO

chapter 10|15 pages

How we deal with dark souls

The aesthetic category as a method

chapter 11|17 pages


Get Out, memes, and Twitter

chapter 12|18 pages

“You broke Minecraft”

Hybrid play and the materialization of game spaces through mobile Minecraft