Bringing together a range of contributions from diverse international scholars, this edited volume explores issues of inequality in student mobility to consider how schools, universities, and colleges can ensure equitable access to international study and exchange.

Featuring evidence-based accounts of students’ experiences and exploring opportunities for study abroad in school and university contexts, Inequalities in Study Abroad and Student Mobility analyses how pedagogy and student support services can be designed to accommodate linguistic, cultural, ethnic, and socio-economic differences. Chapters foreground issues of access and opportunity and offer unique insights to inform institutional policy in developing more effective, inclusive, and equitable ways to internationalize exchange and study abroad programs and initiatives for all.

This timely volume will benefit researchers, academics, and postgraduate students in the fields of international and comparative education, as well as educators and school leaders working within secondary and higher education settings concerned with multicultural education.

chapter 1|8 pages

Study Abroad and Student Mobility

From Educational Experience to Emerging Enterprise

part I|62 pages

How Do Equity Issues in International Student Mobility Play Out on a Global Scale?

part II|42 pages

Inequality in Students’ Opportunities to Gain International Experiences

chapter 6|13 pages

Secondary School Student Mobility

Social and Cultural Capital Transmission through Merit-based Exchange Programs

chapter 8|16 pages

Institutional Stratification in U.S. Study Abroad Participation and Experiences

Exploring the Role of Research Institution Attendance

part III|64 pages

Promoting Diversity and Exploring Alternatives to Study Abroad