This book looks at the changing dynamics and regional power play between China and South Asia. It explores crucial issues such as China–Pakistan Economic Corridor and the changing nature of China–India relations; China’s trident approach in South Asia and its rising influence in the region; the responses of small states to rising China; China’s twenty-first-century Belt and Road Initiative; China and India; China’s rise and the USA’s security policy vis-à-vis India; the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and regional security; and Russia’s ‘Pivot to the East’ and its impact on the Asia-Pacific region. The volume brings together the views of scholars from China, South Asia and beyond on different aspects of China and South Asia engagement, including regional politics, connectivity, infrastructure and development projects, power politics, economy, ideology and culture. The chapters offer insights into trends and challenges within China’s economic and security environment as impacted by globalization, regional interests and the demands of cooperation. They present critical, comprehensive and expert analyses of China’s engagement with South Asia by covering historical, sociological, political, cultural, economic and strategic factors while including perspectives from individual countries.

This volume will be useful to scholars and researchers of Chinese studies, politics and international relations, South Asian studies, foreign policy, diplomacy, security and strategic studies and political studies, as well as to those in media, policymakers, bureaucrats, diplomats and think tanks.

chapter 1|14 pages


China and South Asia in the twenty-first century
ByRajiv Ranjan

part I|93 pages

Politics and strategy

chapter 2|18 pages

CPEC and changing dynamics of China–India relations

BySaeed Shafqat

chapter 3|22 pages

China's Trishula approach in South Asia

Challenges to balancing the end game
ByMahendra P Lama

chapter 4|22 pages

Coping with rising China

Responses of the small states of South Asia
ByRobayt Khondoker, Rashed Uz Zaman

chapter 5|18 pages

Cooperation and competition in China–India relations

A quantitative analysis of academic debates
ByZhang Shulan, Xu Weidan, Huo Wenle

chapter 6|11 pages

Security environment in South Asia

The role of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO)
ByAmjad Abbas Khan

part II|64 pages

Belt and Road Initiative

chapter 7|14 pages

China's Twenty-First-Century Maritime Silk Road and its Influence on the Development of South Asia

A Geopolitical perspective
ByAsantha Senevirathna

chapter 8|16 pages

The Belt and Road Initiative

The changing dynamics of development in South Asia
ByAtia Ali Kazmi

chapter 9|16 pages

The Belt and Road Initiative

Chinese normative power in South Asia
ByFederico Tombari

chapter 10|16 pages

Bangladesh–China maritime security cooperation

A search for new opportunities under the Belt and Road Initiative
ByNoor Mohammad Sarker

part III|52 pages

Ideology, media and culture

chapter 11|11 pages

The impact of the Sino-Soviet split on the politics of the left in Pakistan

ByMuhammad Qasim Sodhar

chapter 12|11 pages

Image of China in the Afghan media

ByHazrat M Bahar

chapter 14|15 pages

Development of cultural ecotourism in Gilgit-Baltistan

Opportunities and challenges in the wake of the CPEC
ByNaila Masood Ahmad

part IV|43 pages

Great power politics

chapter 15|16 pages

Anticipating the China challenge

China's rise and the United States' security policy vis-à-vis India
ByKashish Parpiani

chapter 16|12 pages

China's Belt and Road Initiative and the Indian Ocean balance

ByVivek Mishra