Contemporary Museum Architecture and Design showcases 18 diverse essays written by people who design, work in, and study museums, offering a variety of perspectives on this complex building type. Throughout, the authors emphasize new kinds of experiences that museum architecture helps create, connecting ideas about design at various levels of analysis, from thinking about how the building sits in the city to exploring the details of technology.

With sections focusing on museums as architectural icons, community engagement through design, the role of gallery spaces in the experience of museums, disability experiences, and sustainable design for museums, the collected chapters cover topics both familiar and fresh to those interested in museum architecture. Featuring over 150 color illustrations, this book celebrates successful museum architecture while the critical analysis sheds light on important issues to consider in museum design.

Written by an international range of museum administrators, architects, and researchers this collection is an essential resource for understanding the social impacts of museum architecture and design for professionals, students, and museum-lovers alike.

chapter |5 pages


ByGeorgia Lindsay

part Part 1|56 pages


chapter chapter 1|14 pages

Iconic or Engaging?Beyond the Spectacle

ByElizabeth Ann Macgregor

chapter chapter 2|20 pages

The Power of Star Architecture and Iconic Design

Kunsthaus Graz, Austria
ByJohannes Dreher, Nadia Alaily-Mattar, Alain Thierstein

chapter chapter 3|20 pages

Transformational Architecture as Urban Catalyst

Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum, Municipal Policy, and the Cultural Renaissance
ByShoshanah B.D. Goldberg-Miller

part Part 2|72 pages


chapter chapter 4|21 pages

Designing with Community for Revitalization

A Creative Hub at the Denver Art Museum in Colorado, US
ByAnn Baier Lambson

chapter chapter 5|19 pages

Making an Urban Living Room

Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland, Ohio, US
ByMegan Lykins Reich

chapter chapter 6|14 pages

Museum as Place-maker

ByKerstin Thompson

chapter chapter 7|16 pages

Design for Citizenship

North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, US
ByDaniel P. Gottlieb

part Part 3|94 pages


chapter chapter 8|18 pages

The Open and Integrated Museum

ByWilliam Smart

chapter chapter 9|23 pages

Building Citizens by Building Museums

Royal Ontario Museum & Art Gallery of Ontario
ByMatt Patterson

chapter chapter 10|17 pages

Experience and Meaning in Museums

ByHelen Norrie

chapter chapter 11|20 pages

Planning Art Museums from Inside-out

Design for Visitor Experiences
Byİpek Kaynar Rohloff

chapter chapter 12|14 pages

Illuminating History

The Moesgaard Museum, in Aarhus Denmark
ByJade Polizzi

part |48 pages

Part 4

chapter chapter 13|15 pages

A Sensory Place for All

ByMeredith Banasiak

chapter chapter 14|14 pages

Understanding Museum Architecture from Disability Experience

Pavilion of Knowledge in Lisbon, Portugal
ByCaroline Van Doren, Peter-Willem Vermeersch, Ann Heylighen

chapter chapter 15|17 pages

Body Conscious Design in Museums

ByGalen Cranz, Chelsea Rushton

part Part 5|56 pages


chapter chapter 16|18 pages

Triple Bottom Line Sustainable Design

Western Spirit: Scottsdale's Museum of the West in Arizona, US
ByChristiana Moss, Christopher Alt

chapter chapter 17|17 pages

Less Energy, More Stability

Passive Building Principles for Collection- and Visitor-Friendly Net-Zero and Net-Positive Buildings, and a Proposal for the Museum of Energy
ByJonathan Bean

chapter chapter 18|19 pages

Bringing Nature into Place

Green Roofs as Place Makers in Museum Architecture
ByAngela Loder