A unique blend of theory and practice within the world of group psychotherapy, this text discusses diversity issues in group contexts within the realm of teaching, consulting, and facilitating psychotherapy groups.

Chapters present a unique perspective on diversity issues within certain populations, such as prisoners, elite athletes, and high-risk youth, and examine questions around race, language, ability, gender, and the similarities and differences between the leader and their clients. Such examples provide an intricate look into the psychological dynamics that arise within these populations and the skill of group therapists in honoring their clients’ humanity.

Readers will appreciate the practical examples of how to navigate difficult dynamics such as microaggressions and the role of compassion as a foundational principle of practice for group therapists.

section Section I|37 pages

Foundations of Practice

chapter 1|21 pages

Intersectionality, Social Identities, and Groups Examined

ByMichele D. Ribeiro

chapter 2|14 pages

The Shadows of Liberty

Compassion Practice as a Shared Responsibility
ByGaea Logan

section Section II|54 pages

Social Identities in Group Psychotherapy

chapter 3|12 pages

Gender Identity in Group

BySydney M. LeFay

chapter 4|13 pages

Chronic Health Conditions/Ability Issues in Group

ByWendy Freedman, Leslie Klein, Katheryne Kopp-Miller

chapter 6|15 pages

Social Identities Explored in Therapy Groups

ByMichele D. Ribeiro

section Section III|54 pages

Working with Specific Populations in Groups

chapter 7|11 pages

Athletic Identity: A House of Mirrors

ByCindy Miller Aron

chapter 8|13 pages

Prisoners in Group

Healing Processes at the Intersections of Race, Gender, and Age
ByMiriam M. Ribeiro

chapter 9|15 pages

Managing Microaggressions within Veterans’ Psychotherapy Groups

ByMiguel Lewis

chapter 10|13 pages

Group Art-Making Therapy for Mothers of Young Children

ByMassiel M. Abramson

section Section IV|39 pages

Structural and Institutional Components of Groups

chapter 11|12 pages

Spirituality as a Resource in Group Psychotherapy

ByAlexis D. Abernethy

chapter 12|12 pages

Teaching Group within a Social Constructionist Framework

ByCarlos A. Taloyo, David W. Neal

chapter 13|13 pages

Intersection of Race and Gender

Women of Color Leading Groups
ByPratibha Kumar, Sheela Reddy

section Section V|36 pages

International Perspectives in Group Psychotherapy

chapter 14|15 pages

A Social Intervention for Court-Ordered Adolescents – The Family: People Helping People Project

ByDavid F. Allen, Keva Bethell, Denie Fountain, Marie Allen Carroll

chapter 15|19 pages

Group Interpersonal Psychotherapy in the Context of Poverty and Gender

Toward a Culturally Sound Adaptation of IPT-G to Socioeconomically Disadvantaged and Depressed Lebanese Women
BySalaheddine Ziadeh

section Section VI|15 pages

Other Perspectives and Endings

chapter 16|10 pages


Outing Myself
ByNan Narboe

chapter 17|3 pages

Closing Thoughts

ByMichele D. Ribeiro