In this insightful new text, Cristina Ziliani and Marco Ieva trace the evolution of thinking and practice in loyalty management. From trading stamps to Amazon Prime and Alibaba 88 Membership, they present a fresh take on the tools, strategies and skills that underpin its key significance in marketing today.

Loyalty management is increasingly identified with the design and management of a quality customer experience on the journey across the many touchpoints that connect the customer with the brand. Evaluating the research on best practice and offering concrete examples from industry, the authors argue that existing schemes and systems are not just things of the past but should be the optimal starting point for companies needing to foster customer loyalty in an omnichannel world.

Drawing on 20 years of experience in research, consulting and teaching, the authors have compiled a unique research-based practice-oriented text. It will guide marketers, business leaders and students through the changes in marketing thought and practice on loyalty management as well as offering practical guidance on the skills and capabilities that companies need if they want to be successful at delivering essential loyalty-driving customer experiences.

chapter 1|28 pages

Loyalty and marketing

chapter 3|14 pages

Making channel partners loyal

chapter 5|23 pages

What we know about loyalty programmes

chapter 10|9 pages

Future challenges