Drawing on scholarship as well as established practice, A Handbook for Student Engagement in Higher Education is a sector-leading volume that unpacks the concept of student engagement. It provides ideas and examples alongside compelling theory- and research-based evidence to offer a thorough and innovative exploration of how students and staff can work together to genuinely transform the higher education learning experience.

Providing readers with evidence from successfully embedded schemes, the book uses case studies and practical, workable examples from a variety of international institutions. With the insight of world-leading contributors, it showcases what good practice looks like in higher education institutions across the globe. Simultaneously collating a wealth of contemporary research, this book creates vivid connections between theories and student engagement in higher education, with chapter topics including:

  • Creating relationships between students, staff and universities
  • Offering non-traditional students extracurricular opportunities
  • Taking a students-as-partners approach
  • Critically reflecting on identities, particularities and relationships
  • The future of student engagement.

In a fast-developing and significantly shifting area, this book is essential reading for higher education managers and those working directly in the field of student engagement.

part I|96 pages

Introduction to student engagement in higher education

chapter Chapter 3|7 pages

“I am a part of the university”

Why universities offering non-traditional students extracurricular opportunities leads to higher levels of student engagement: a mature student’s perspective

chapter Chapter 6|14 pages

Student engagement in evaluation

Expanding perspectives and ownership

part II|58 pages

International perspectives of theory into practice

chapter Chapter 7|11 pages

Student engagement through classroom-focused pedagogical partnership

A model and outcomes from the United States

chapter Chapter 8|15 pages

From the ‘micro’ to the ‘mega’

Toward a multi-level approach to supporting and assessing student–staff partnership

part III|90 pages

Models of student engagement in practice

chapter Chapter 12|7 pages

Trust me, working alone is challenging

What are the benefits of working in partnership in higher education?

chapter Chapter 14|10 pages

On the origin of Student Fellows

Reflections on the evolution of partnership from theory to practice

chapter Chapter 17|11 pages

Students as partners and peer coaches in student engagement

Themes from PASS scheme biographies

chapter Chapter 18|13 pages

Student partners as digital change agents

part IV|53 pages

The future of student engagement

chapter Chapter 20|8 pages

Who defines success in higher education?

A student perspective on the future of student engagement

chapter Chapter 21|12 pages

From then to now in student engagement

An academic’s perspective

chapter Chapter 22|18 pages

Higher education institutions and policy makers

The future of student engagement