In the global sport business industry, growth, and development within and across various sport businesses are essential for competitive advantage. This fascinating collection of chapters examines how the development and management of resources and opportunities in sport business is vital to success.

Commissioned by the World Association for Sport Management (WASM) and featuring global perspectives from leading international scholars and original research data drawn from both qualitative and quantitative inquiry, the book presents cases as diverse as customer demand in the NBA, sport and physical activity human resources in Spain and stakeholder relationships in Chinese football. Presented in three parts (global perspectives, managing resources, and managing opportunities), Global Sport Business examines key research and practical issues in sport business management and marketing studies in both global and local contexts.

This is an important read for professors, scholars, and students in sport business management, a useful resource for sport business management professionals and practitioners, and illuminating reading for anyone with an interest in sport management.

part II|152 pages

Managing resources

chapter 4|18 pages

Sport and physical activity human resources in Spain

A managerial perspective

chapter 7|27 pages

Soccer feasibility study

Assessment, value, and demand – a traditional approach

part III|142 pages

Managing opportunities

chapter 9|23 pages

Managing the business of soccer

A conceptual framework

chapter 11|18 pages

Customer loyalty in fitness centers

Differences among Baby Boomers and Generations X, Y, and Z

chapter 15|13 pages

ISO 20121 and Theory U

A new way to manage sporting events