This book brings a refreshing Vygotskian perspective to the importance of children’s play, and the role it has in the physical, social, emotional and cognitive development of young children. The authors use a praxeological approach and participatory, ethical research to provide a comprehensive yet accessible addition to the crucial and expanding field of Early Years play.

Including illustrative vignettes and case studies, and covering a range of contexts, theories and approaches, the experienced authors explore a variety of topics, including:

  • Role-play and Early Years practice
  • Incorporating technology into practice
  • Scenario and role development
  • Play in the home as well as the classroom

Endorsed by EECERA, A Vygotskian Analysis of Children's Play Behaviours is an ideal choice for Early Years practitioners, researchers, policy makers, and academics researching or lecturing in early childhood education.

chapter |5 pages


ByZenna Kingdon

part Part 1|44 pages

Contexts and principles

chapter 1|14 pages

Play as role-play

A Vygotskian analysis
ByZenna Kingdon

chapter 2|14 pages

Role-play and emotions

A Vygotskian analysis
ByZenna Kingdon, Michael Gasper

chapter 3|14 pages

Children at heart

Role-play theory and Early Years practice
ByMichael Gasper, Luke Gasper

part Part 2|61 pages

Approaches and techniques

chapter 5|15 pages

The role of drama in role-play

ByUna McCabe

chapter 6|17 pages

Role-play and technologies in early childhood

ByLorna Arnott, Sarika Kewalramani, Colette Gray, Maria Dardanou

chapter 7|19 pages

Socio-dramatic play

Scenario and role development as enacted by children and as facilitated by pre-service early childhood teachers through drama
ByEleni Loizou, Anthia Michaelides

part Part 3|45 pages

Case studies

chapter 8|14 pages

Wave Play

Fluid play to support social co-construction
ByZenna Kingdon

chapter 9|13 pages

Organising the family

Role-play in the home environment
ByMichael Gasper

chapter 10|12 pages

Role-play beyond early childhood education and care

ByChristopher Ludlow, Helen Lyndon

chapter |3 pages


ByZenna Kingdon