The World of the Bahá’í Faith is an outstanding guide to the Bahá’í Faith and its culture in all its geographical and historical diversity. Written by a distinguished team of international contributors, this volume explores the origin of this religion and contains substantial thematic articles on the living experience of the global Bahá’í community. The volume is organised into six distinct sections:

  • Leadership and Authoritative Texts
  • Theology
  • Humanity
  • Society
  • The Contemporary Bahá’í Community
  • History and Spread of the Bahá’í Community

These sections cover such themes as the afterlife, artistic expression, Bahá’í institutions, devotional life, diversity, economics, education, the environment and sustainability, family life, gender, human nature, interfaith relations, international governance, law, marriage, peace, persecution, philosophy, race, science and religion, scripture, spirituality, and work. The development of the Bahá’í Faith is outlined in ten regional articles.

This volume provides an authoritative and accessible source of information on all topics important to the Bahá’í Faith. The World of the Bahá’í Faith will be essential reading to students and scholars studying world religions and comparative religion. It will also be of interest to those in related fields such as sociology, political science, anthropology, and ethics.

chapter |4 pages


ByRobert H. Stockman

part Part 1|151 pages

Leadership and authoritative texts

chapter 1|10 pages


The Central Figures, the institutions of the Bahá'í Faith, and the Covenant
ByShahin Vafai

chapter 2|12 pages

The Life of the Báb

ByOmid Ghaemmaghami

chapter 3|11 pages

The Writings and Teachings of the Báb

ByNader Saiedi

chapter 4|11 pages


ByMoojan Momen

chapter 5|21 pages

The Writings of Bahá'u'lláh

BySteven Phelps

chapter 6|16 pages

‘Abdu'l-Bahá ‘Abbás 1

ByNecati Alkan

chapter 7|17 pages

The Writings and Utterances of ‘Abdu'l-Bahá

ByMina Yazdani

chapter 8|12 pages

Shoghi Effendi Rabbani

ByRichard Hollinger

chapter 9|8 pages

The English-Language Writings of Shoghi Effendi

BySandra Lynn Hutchison

chapter 10|9 pages

The Persian Writings of Shoghi Effendi 1

ByMina Yazdani

chapter 11|11 pages

The Universal House of Justice

ByTodd Smith

chapter 12|11 pages

The Writings of the Universal House of Justice

ByTodd Smith

part Part 2|60 pages


chapter 13|16 pages

Theology and Philosophy

ByMikhail Sergeev

chapter 14|13 pages

God, Revelation, and Manifestation

ByVargha Bolodo-Taefi

chapter 15|13 pages

Progressive Revelation

BySasha Dehghani

chapter 16|10 pages

Interfaith Relations

ByAnne M. Pearson, Robert H. Stockman

chapter 17|6 pages

The Harmony of Science and Religion

BySteven Phelps

part Part 3|72 pages


chapter 18|11 pages

Oneness and Unity

ByRobert H. Stockman

chapter 19|10 pages

The Physical and Spiritual Dimensions of Human Nature

ByIan Kluge

chapter 20|7 pages

Unity in Diversity

African Americans and the Bahá'í Faith
ByGuy Emerson Mount

chapter 21|11 pages

The Equality of the Sexes

ByAnne M. Pearson

chapter 22|11 pages


ByVargha Bolodo-Taefi

chapter 23|13 pages

Progress of the Soul

Life after death
ByMikhail Sergeev

chapter 24|7 pages

Bahá'í Spirituality and Spiritual Practices

ByChristopher White

part Part 4|118 pages


chapter 25|14 pages

Artistic Expression

ByAnne Gordon Perry

chapter 26|14 pages


The prosperity of the world and the development of nations
ByAugusto Lopez-Claros

chapter 27|17 pages

Education in Pedagogy and Practice

ByFilip Boicu, Siyamak Zabihi-Moghaddam

chapter 28|13 pages

Environment and Sustainability

ByArthur Lyon Dahl

chapter 29|11 pages


ByGraham Hassall

chapter 30|11 pages


ByRoshan Danesh

chapter 31|13 pages

Marriage and Family Life

ByWendi Momen

chapter 32|10 pages


ByHoda Mahmoudi

chapter 33|13 pages

Work and Business

ByWendi Momen

part Part 5|91 pages

The contemporary Bahá'í community

chapter 34|17 pages

The Covenant and Covenant-Breaking

ByWendy M. Heller

chapter 35|16 pages

The BAHá'í Administrative Order

ByTodd Smith

chapter 36|8 pages

Responding to Injustice with Constructive Agency

ByMichael Karlberg, Derik Smith

chapter 37|13 pages


ByTodd Smith, Omid Ghaemmaghami

chapter 38|16 pages

A Culture of Learning

ByMichael Karlberg, Todd Smith

chapter 39|9 pages

Devotional Life

ByElham Afnan

chapter 40|10 pages

Religious Persecution of Bahá'ís under the Islamic Republic of Iran

BySiyamak Zabihi-Moghaddam

part Part 6|138 pages

History and spread of the Bahá'í community

chapter 41|12 pages

The History of the BáBí and Bahá'í Faiths

ByPeter Smith

chapter 42|19 pages

The Arab World

ByNesreen Akhtarkhavari

chapter 43|14 pages


BySeena Fazel

chapter 44|11 pages


ByMoojan Momen

chapter 45|12 pages

Latin America and The Caribbean

ByRobert H. Stockman

chapter 46|12 pages

North America

ByRobert H. Stockman

chapter 47|10 pages

Northeast Asia

ByGraham Hassall

chapter 48|12 pages


ByGraham Hassall

chapter 49|11 pages

South Asia

ByAnne M. Pearson

chapter 50|8 pages

Southeast Asia

ByPeter Smith

chapter 51|15 pages

Sub-Saharan Africa

ByRobert H. Stockman, Will C. van den Hoonaard