First published in 1982. This book brings together some of the most influential articles which had moulded British religious education. The articles are divided into specialised sections dealing with various aspects of the subject so that the main developments are clearly indicated.

The first section of the book deals with research into the religious psychology of childhood. This is followed by two collections of articles dealing with the search for a philosophy of religious education and with the problems created for the teaching of religion in Britain by our pluralist society. The fourth section deals with the problems of designing a curriculum in religious education, while the final part gives some examples of methods in the teaching of religion. The book thus provides, both the general reader, the student teacher and the specialist religious education teacher, an easily accessible collection of many of the materials which had created British religious education.

chapter |18 pages

On Beyond Goldman: Religious Thinking and the 1970s *

ByJohn H. Peatling

chapter 2|4 pages

The Nature of Religious Education: The Search for a Rationale

Edited ByJohn Hull

chapter |6 pages

Educational Religious Education

ByEdwin Cox

chapter |10 pages

Taking Religious Education Seriously

ByJohn Wilson

chapter |8 pages

Phenomenology and the Future of Religious Education

ByJohn Marvell

chapter |8 pages

Conceptual Research in Religious Education

ByDavid Attfield

chapter |8 pages

Religious Education: A Shocking Business

ByEdward A. Robinson

chapter 9|4 pages

The Social Context: Religious Pluralism in School and Society

Edited ByJohn Hull

chapter |12 pages

Teaching Religion in a Secular Plural Society

ByLesslie Newbigin

chapter 4|4 pages

Designing the Curriculum in Religious Education

Edited ByJohn Hull

chapter |10 pages

Problems of RE Syllabus Construction in a Democracy

ByJohn Elliott

chapter |10 pages

Checklists for Study of the Religious Education Syllabus

ByH.E. Lupton

chapter 5|6 pages

Methods in Teaching Religion Today

Edited ByJohn Hull

chapter |10 pages

The Demands Made by RE on Pupils’ Thinking

ByTrevor Kerry

chapter |8 pages

Religion in the Multi-Faith School

ByW. Owen Cole

chapter |8 pages

The Multi-Faith Situation in the Secondary School

ByRobin Minney

chapter |18 pages

Teaching the Bible in School

ByPaul D. Fueter