This book addresses some of the critical issues that New York would need to confront in the early 1990s. It contributes to the policy debates that must take place among industry representatives and local, state and federal officials if New York to retain its role as a leading world financial center.

chapter 1|6 pages

Overview: Issues for the 1990s

ByThierry Noyelle

chapter 2|23 pages

International Stock Market Transactions

ByRoy C. Smith

chapter 3|20 pages

The Foreign Challenge to U.S. Commercial Banks

ByRobert B. Cohen

chapter 4|39 pages

The Regulation of Global Financial Markets

ByRichard M. Levich, Ingo Walter

chapter 5|24 pages

New York's Competitiveness

ByThierry Noyelle

chapter 6|4 pages

A U.S. Perspective on Europe 1992

ByDennis Weatherstone