At a time of tremendous flux throughout Europe, this book provides solid analyses of the events and trends that are rapidly reshaping the region. Originally published as an edition of Dcedalus, this updated volume brings together leading scholars to examine such issues as the major paradigmatic shifts occurring in Eastern Europe, the long-te

chapter |21 pages


ByTimothy Garton Ash

chapter |36 pages

The Rediscovery of Central Europe

ByTony Judt

chapter |36 pages

The Political Traditions of Eastern Europe

ByGeorge Schöpflin

chapter |19 pages

Between Hope and Despair

ByBronisław Geremek

chapter |29 pages

Bohemia of the Soul

ByJosef Škvorecký

chapter |20 pages

Political Change and National Diversity

ByIvo Banac

chapter |32 pages

In Search of a Paradigm

ByElemér Hankiss

chapter |36 pages

Reform Economics: The Classification Gap

ByJános Mátyás Kovács

chapter |33 pages

Central Europe or Mitteleuropa?

ByJacques Rupnik

chapter |16 pages

Ethnicity and Faith in Eastern Europe

ByErnest Gellner

chapter |56 pages

To the Stalin Mausoleum

Edited ByMartin Malia