This is an appraisal of the transformation that has taken place in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. The book addresses two central issues: how has the state socialist system of party monopoly and central planning dissolved? And how are these societies recreating a communist antithesis - civil society and free markets? The contributors attribute the collapse of state socialism to ideological erosion, combined with economic deterioration resulting from improperly defined property rights.

chapter |6 pages


ByKazimierz Z. Poznanski

part Part One|62 pages

Regional Political Economy

part Part Two|70 pages

Reconstruction of Markets

part Part Three|81 pages

Dilemmas of Democratization

chapter 7|18 pages

The Reconstruction of Citizenship: Reverse Incorporation in Eastern Europe

ByGeorge Kolankiewicz

chapter 9|19 pages

Main Paradoxes of the Democratic Change in Eastern Europe

ByJadwiga Staniszkis

chapter |21 pages

Epilogue: Markets and States in the Transformation of Post-Communist Europe

ByKazimierz Z. Poznanski