The survival of NATO as a viable alliance is currently challenged by a shift in the strategic balance of power, as well as by global events and contingencies that extend far beyond NATO's boundaries. In the face of these challenges, existing institutional mechanisms are proving inadequate to respond effectively. The distinguished contributors to this volume draw on their vast political and diplomatic experience to identify and analyze the problems confronting NATO for the remainder of the twentieth century. They make clear the need for a trans-Atlantic communication network among policymakers, scholars, and others–a network that will allow an ongoing process of analysis and assessment of NATO's strategic, economic, and political problems, along with the identification of appropriate reactions.

chapter |9 pages


ByRobert E. Hunter

chapter 1|18 pages

Issues Before the Atlantic Alliance

ByHenry A. Kissinger

chapter 2|9 pages

Leadership in the Alliance

ByHelmut Schmidt

chapter 3|15 pages

An American Perspective

ByJames R. Schlesinger

chapter 4|6 pages

A Balancing View

ByJean FranÇois-Poncet

chapter 5|7 pages

The Economic Perspective

ByEtienne Davignon

chapter 6|4 pages


ByDavid M. Abshire

chapter 7|7 pages


ByLeo Tindemans

chapter 8|9 pages

The Soviet Dimension

ByWilliam G. Hyland

chapter 9|14 pages

Policies for Eastern Europe

ByRichard Davy

chapter 10|10 pages

The Global Economy in the 1980s: Underpinning the Structure of Security

ByBunroku Yoshino

chapter 11|6 pages

Economic Security in the Third World

ByThierry de Montbrial

chapter 13|12 pages

Security Issues Between the United States and Europe

ByRobert W. Komer

chapter 15|20 pages

After Two Tracks: Integrating START and INF?

ByJames A. Thomson

chapter 16|21 pages

Citizens, Change, and Security: Sustaining the Consensus

ByJohn E. Rielly

chapter 17|17 pages

Parliaments, Security, and Economic Choice

ByOtto Hauser

chapter 18|10 pages

Tensions Within the West: The Middle East

ByDominique Moïsi

chapter 19|16 pages

The Central American Contingency: European and American Perspectives in the 1980s

ByCatherine McArdle Kelleher

chapter 20|9 pages

Japan in the Pacific: The Structure of Security

ByJun Tsunoda

chapter 21|7 pages

Japan’s Role as a Member of the Western Alliance

ByShunji Taoka