Over the past several years, Mainland China has undertaken reforms in various domestic areas, including culture and society, education, the economy, and the Communist Party. In addition, since September 1982 Peking has begun to pursue an independent course in foreign relations. In this volume, based on the Thirteenth Sino-American Conference in Tai

part 1|328 pages

Politics in the PRC

chapter 1|34 pages

The Chinese-type Socialist Road: Theory and Practice

ByHsien-yun Chao

chapter 4|18 pages

Party Rectification in Post-Mao China

ByLowell Dittmer

chapter 5|35 pages

The Mousetrapping of Hong Kong: A Game in Which Nobody Wins

ByChalmers Johnson

chapter 6|16 pages

Kleptocracy on Mainland China: A Social-Psychological Interpretation

ByAlan P. L. Liu

chapter 7|31 pages

Higher Educational Charters in Mainland China

ByC. Montgomery Broaded

chapter 8|51 pages

Chinese Intellectuals and Party Policy

ByLynn T. White

chapter 9|19 pages

Policy Implications of Population Dynamics in the PRC

ByWen Lang Li

part 2|168 pages

Economics in the PRC

chapter 11|36 pages

Mainland China’s Economic System: A New Model or Variations on an Old Theme?

ByRobert F. Dernberger

chapter 12|26 pages

Mainland China’s Special Economic Zones

ByJan S. Prybyla

chapter 13|28 pages

Review of Studies on the Mainland Economy

ByK. C. Yeh

chapter 14|22 pages

How Well Did U.S. Economists Understand Communist China’s Economy?

ByRamon H. Myers

chapter 15|27 pages

Agricultural Reform in Mainland China: Problems and Prospects

ByFeng-hwa Mah

chapter 16|26 pages

Agriculture in Mainland China: Reform and Problems

ByTing-chung Ch’en

part 3|164 pages

Foreign Policy of the PRC

chapter 17|27 pages

The Evolution of Communist China’s Foreign Policy

ByCh’ing Yin

chapter 19|33 pages

Paris and London: Between Washington and Beijing

ByDouglas T. Stuart

chapter 20|19 pages

Sino-Soviet Relations and the Asian Quadrangle, 1984

ByWilliam E. Griffith

chapter 21|20 pages

Co-opting China: The Realization of an American Dream?

ByPeter Van Ness

chapter 22|22 pages

The Washington-Moscow-Peking Triangle: An Analysis

ByBih-jaw Lin

chapter 23|12 pages

Interpretations of Mainland China’s Recent Foreign Policy

ByHarold C. Hinton