In this book, the authors provides an up-to-date assessment of research on human interactions with natural resource systems. They pay attention to the interaction between theory and practice by including case studies and detailed examples involving specific natural resource systems.

chapter |8 pages


Edited ByKenneth A. Dahlberg, John W. Bennett

part 1|55 pages

Historical and Institutional Trends and Influences

chapter 1|25 pages

The Changing Nature of Natural Resources

ByKenneth A. Dahlberg

chapter 2|27 pages

Societal Contraints to Fisheries Management: A Peruvian Case Study

ByMichael H. Glantz, Maria E. Krenz

part 2|120 pages

Disciplinary Approaches

chapter 3|39 pages

Geographical Approaches to Environmental Change: Assessing Human Impacts on Global Resources

ByLeonard Berry, Douglas L. Johnson

chapter 4|21 pages

Anthropological Approaches to the Study of Human Impacts

ByEmilio F. Moran

chapter 6|20 pages

Resources and People: An Economic Perspective

ByDaniel W. Bromley, Ellen Szarleta

part 3|74 pages

Multidisciplinary Problem-Oriented Approaches

chapter 8|17 pages

Desertification: Anatomy of a Complex Environmental Process

ByMichael H. Glantz, Nicolai S. Orlovsky

part 4|41 pages

Systems Approaches

chapter 10|19 pages

Systems Analysis and the World Food System

ByDonella H. Meadows

chapter 11|19 pages

Ecosystems and Natural Resource Management

ByFrank B. Golley

part 5|84 pages

Problems, Needs, and Prospects

chapter 14|12 pages

Final Thoughts on Human Impacts on Global Resources

ByFrank B. Golley