With the loss of Soviet control in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as the move toward economic liberalization in many developing countries, a huge increase in the number of convertible currencies in the world has occurred. A key aspect of the management of these currencies involves their relationships with the world economy, which is determined

chapter |19 pages


ByRichard J. Sweeney, Clas Wihlborg, Thomas D. Willett

part Part One|59 pages

Fixed vs Flexible Exchange Rates: The Debate Continues

part Part Two|112 pages

Exchange Rate Pegging as an Anti-Inflation Strategy

chapter 4|30 pages

Exchange Rates as Nominal Anchors: An Overview of the Issues

ByJilleen R. Westbrook, Thomas D. Willett

chapter 5|14 pages

Central European Exchange Rate Policy and Inflation

ByRichard C. K. Burdekin, Heidi Nelson, Thomas D. Willett

chapter 6|14 pages

The Baltic States: Alternative Routes to Credibility

ByGediminas Dubauskas, Clas Wihlborg, Thomas D. Willett

chapter 7|23 pages

Exchange Rate Based Stabilization Policy in Latin America

ByPamela Martin, Jilleen R. Westbrook, Thomas D. Willett

chapter 8|28 pages

Is Pegging the Exchange Rate a Cure for Inflation? East Asian Experiences

ByReuven Glick, Michael Hutchison, Ramon Moreno

part Part Three|70 pages

Issues for Exchange Rate Management

chapter 9|31 pages

Intervention Strategy and Purchasing Power Parity

ByRichard J. Sweeney

chapter 10|12 pages

Trade and Payments in Eastern European Economic Reform

BySven W. Arndt

part Part Four|44 pages

Currency Areas and Currency Boards

chapter 13|8 pages

The Estonian Currency Board

ByMärten Ross

chapter 14|12 pages

The Lithuanian Currency Board

ByGediminas Dubauskas

part Part Five|85 pages

Experiences from the Emerging Market Economies

chapter 15|23 pages

The Czech Case: Fixed Exchange Rates Through Stages of Transition

ByMiroslav Hrnčíř

chapter 16|17 pages

Exchange Rate Policy in Hungary Between 1989 and Mid 1995

ByPál Gáspár

chapter 17|24 pages

Poland’s Exchange Rate Policy in the 1990s

ByTadeusz Kowalski, Renata Stawarska

chapter 18|17 pages

An Evaluation of Optimal Currency Areas for the Commonwealth of Independent States

ByKing Banaian, Eugenue Zhukov