This book examines the foundations of the system for owning and taxing agricultural land in the United States. It considers the conditions of land policy at several levels of government and questions some of the historical views of progress.

part Part One|42 pages


chapter 1|14 pages

Agricultural Landownership and the Real Property Tax

ByGene Wunderlich

chapter 2|9 pages

Leasing Farmland

ByDenise M. Rogers

chapter 3|6 pages

Taxing Farmland

ByJ. Peter DeBraal

chapter 4|10 pages

Collecting and Interpreting Farmland Data: The AELOS Program

ByJohn Blackledge

part Part Two|104 pages


chapter 5|15 pages

Concepts of Property and Taxation

ByJoan M. Youngman

chapter 6|8 pages

Economic Interpretation of Property in Land

ByA. Allan Schmid

chapter 7|19 pages

Share Leasing and Externalities

ByRobert G. Chambers, Hyunok Lee, John Quiggin

chapter 8|13 pages

The Sources of Value in Agricultural Land

ByPaul W. Barkley

chapter 9|16 pages

Market Price of Land as a Measure of Welfare

ByPatrick N. Canning

chapter 10|19 pages

Rising Inequality and Falling Property Tax Rates

ByMason Gaffney

chapter 11|8 pages

Use-Value Assessment of Farmland

ByJ. Fred Giertz

part Part Three|60 pages


chapter 12|20 pages

Making Land-Settlement Policy in a Federalist System

ByLeonard Shabman

chapter 14|22 pages

Public and Private Interests in Land in the United Kingdom

ByAlan Harrison

chapter 15|6 pages

Britain, America, and the Rural Land-Use Bargain

ByRonald J. Oakerson

part Part Four|51 pages

Land Information

chapter 16|14 pages

Land Information: Taxing as a Data Source

ByJohn O. Behrens

chapter 17|14 pages

The Survey of Taxable Property Values

ByGerard T. Keffer

chapter 18|8 pages

Integrating Land-Related Program, Survey, and Inventory Data

ByRalph E. Heimlich

chapter 19|3 pages

Land Information Needs and Sources: A Comment

ByPaul E. Smith

chapter 20|9 pages

The Literature of Land Ownership and Taxation

ByJohn P. Michos