This book examines gang rape, clitoridectomy, abduction of women, ritual belittling of men, modern feminist criticism, and the "war between the sexes". It deals with the politics of large state-sized units and conflict in the form of overt war between Indians and colonial powers.

chapter 1|19 pages

Gender Totemism

ByJudith Shapiro

chapter 3|19 pages

Oedipus in the Political Economy: Theme and Variations in Amazonia

ByOrna R. Johnson, Allen Johnson

chapter 4|10 pages

Sexual Antagonism and Play in Mundurucu Society: The Fun is in the Chase

ByS. Brian Burkhalter

chapter 5|13 pages

Some Considerations of Myth and Gender in a Northwest Amazon Society

ByJanet M. Chernela

chapter 7|45 pages

Histrionics in Culture

ByC. Daniel Levy

chapter 8|19 pages

War and the Sexes in Amazonia

ByR. Brian Ferguson

chapter 9|15 pages

The Ka apor Indian Wars of Lower Amazonia, Ca. 1825-1928

ByWilliam Balée

chapter 10|9 pages

Invisible People: Ostracism in Cashinahua Society

ByKenneth M. Kensinger

chapter 11|16 pages

Conflict, Contradiction, and the Study of Religion

BySeth Leacock

chapter 12|16 pages

Female Circumcision in Africa: The Dialectics of Equality

ByElliott P. Skinner

chapter 13|13 pages

Abiding Women: Sexuality and Control in Modern Teso

ByJoan Vincent

chapter 15|20 pages

Family, Religion and State: Middle Eastern Models

BySuad Joseph

chapter 16|13 pages

The Beni Meklaab over the Horizon: Males and Females, Dogs and Bedouin

ByRichard R. Randolph

chapter 18|23 pages

Moulay Abedsalem: An Ethnographic Fiction

ByVincent Crapanzano