One of the most significant resource-development and industrial-policy issues facing the United States today is the continued decline of domestic production and processing of metallic minerals and the associated dependence on foreign supplies for our needs. Domestic mining and processing industries have suffered from various economic problems and i

chapter |7 pages


Edited ByHarley E. Johansen, Olen Paul Matthews, Gundars Rudzitis

part Part One

International Development of Mineral Resources

part Part Two

Perspectives on National Mineral Development

chapter 5|14 pages

The Steel Import Problem in the United States: Causes and Cure

ByFrank Fenton

chapter 6|45 pages

Soviet Ferro-Ore Policies and Trends

ByCraig ZumBrunnen

chapter 9|33 pages

Silver Prices and Market Speculation

ByGundars Rudzitis

part Part Three

Mineral Development and the Local Area

chapter 10|21 pages

Land Status—A Spatial Variable in Mineral Acquisition and Development

ByOlen Paul Matthews

chapter 11|11 pages

Time Exposures: The Evolving Landscape of an Arizona Copper-Mining District

ByRichard V. Froncoviglia

chapter 12|17 pages

A Case Study of Risks in Developing Domestic Mineral Properties

ByRobert L. Haurala

chapter 13|23 pages

Geomorphic Response to Mining Disturbance

ByScott E. Morris

part Part Four

The Future of the Mineral Industry

chapter 15|17 pages

The Mineral Industry's Future

ByOlen Paul Matthews, Harley E. Johansen, Gundars Rudzitis