This book reviews the status of discipline-wide activity in forest economics and policy research, especially investment levels, past and current program emphasis, program planning, and organizational involvement. It defines strategic directions for forest economics and policy research.

part One|70 pages

Historical, Institutional, and Investment Context

chapter 1|16 pages

Development and Accomplishment of Research Programs

ByHenry J. Vaux, H. R. Josephson

chapter 2|22 pages

Problem Orientation and Investments in Research Programs

ByPaul V. Ellefson

chapter 3|19 pages

Impact Evaluation and Planning of Research Programs

ByDavid Ν. Βengston

chapter 4|11 pages

Organizational Involvement and Management of Research Programs

ByLarry W. Tombaugh

part Two|303 pages

Strategic Research Directions

chapter 5|10 pages

Institutional Arrangements Directing Use and Management of Forests

ByPerry R. Hagenstein

chapter 6|22 pages

Economic Structure and Performance of Forest-Based Industries

ByJay O'Laughlin

chapter 7|19 pages

Development, Dissemination, and Adoption of New Technology

ByAllen L. Lundgren

chapter 9|15 pages

Social and Economic Growth of Developing Nations

ByHans M. Gregersen, Jan G. Laarman

chapter 10|19 pages

International Trade in Forest and Related Products

ByThomas R. Waggener

chapter 11|15 pages

Wood Fiber Production

ByJ. Michael Vasievich

chapter 12|16 pages

Timber Harvesting

ByFrederick W. Cubbage

chapter 13|19 pages

Production and Valuation of Forest and Wildland Recreation

ByGeorge L. Peterson, Thomas C. Brown

chapter 14|13 pages

Policy Development and Program Administration

ByPaul V. Ellefson, James R. Lyons

chapter 15|10 pages

Resource Assessment, Information Management, and Communications Technology

ByThomas E. Hamilton

chapter 16|12 pages

Forestry Sector Environmental Effects

ByJ. E. de Steiguer

chapter 17|13 pages

Community and Regional Economic Growth and Development

ByHenry H. Webster, Daniel E. Chappelle

chapter 18|12 pages

Taxation of Forest Products and Forest Resources

ByW. David Klemperer

chapter 19|15 pages

Distribution and Marketing of Forest Resource Products

ByWilliam G. Luppold, Gilbert P. Dempsey

chapter 20|12 pages

Forest Resources Law and Legal Processes

ByBenjamin V. Dall

chapter 21|12 pages

Management of Fire in Forested Environments

ByThomas J. Mills

chapter 22|15 pages

Management of Insects and Diseases in Forested Environments

ByLloyd C. Irland

chapter 23|16 pages

Structure and Performance of Nonindustrial Private Forests

ByWilliam Β. Kurtz

chapter 24|16 pages

Production and Valuation of Water from Forested Watersheds

ByΚ. William Easter

part Three|12 pages

Future Research Program Directions

chapter 25|10 pages

Challenges and Agendas for Forest Resource Economics and Policy Research in the Coming Decade

ByH. Fred Kaiser, Richard L. Porterfield, Paul V. Ellefson