AIDS has crossed every international border and affects all populationsthroughout the world, including migrant workers. In the U.S.,migrant workers are a hidden and sometimes maligned population withlimited access to needed health and welfare services, including HIVprevention. Little, however, is krown about the impact of the HIV IAIDS epidemic oo Latino farmworkers. This absence of systematic researchwas the impetus for the preparation of this book.This book is the first collection of research studies focusing specificallym migrant Latino farmworkers. The book brings together sevenresearch studies to provide a profile of the HN prevention, surveillanceand treatment needs of migrant workers. The editors combinetheir own work with that of nationally and internationally recognizedexperts to provide a comprehensive analysis of different aspects of theHIV epidemic among migrant Latino workers. They examine issuessuch as the HN prevention needs of Latino farmworking women andtheir children, the sexual beliefs and behaviors of Latino migrantworkers, the effects of migration m changes in sexuality and sexualpractices, the risk for HN through use of sex workers, knowledge aboutthe HIV I AIDS epidemic, the effectiveness of prevention programs, andpolicies and programs that may stem the spread of HIV among thispopulation. The book is notable for including, in addition to researchers'views, the perspectives of migrant workers and policymakers mHN prevention policies and programs.

part Part One|24 pages


chapter 1|22 pages

Migrant Workers in the United States: A Profile From the Fields

ByShiraz I. Mishra, Ross F. Conner, J. Raul Magaña

part Part Two|157 pages

Research Reports

chapter 2|21 pages

A Growing HIV/AIDS Crisis Among Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker Families

ByKristi Skjerdal, Shiraz I. Mishra, Sandra Benavides-Vaello

chapter 3|28 pages

Perspectives on HIV/AIDS Prevention Among Immigrants on the U.S.-Mexico Border

ByMario Bronfman, Sergio López Moreno

chapter 4|17 pages

Sexual History and Behavior of Mexican Migrant Workers in Orange County, California

ByJ. Raul Magaña, Olivia de la Rocha, Jaime L. Amsel

chapter 5|18 pages

The Underground World of Latina Sex Workers in Cantinas

ByAyala Armida, Joseph Carrier, J. Raul Magaña

chapter 6|24 pages

Mexican Men, Female Sex Workers and HIV/AIDS at the U.S.-Mexico Border

ByJoão Β. Ferreira-Pinto, Rebeca L. Ramos, Michele Shedlin

chapter 7|19 pages

Risk Factors for HIV and AIDS Among Latino Farmworkers in Pennsylvania

ByMiguel A. Pérez, Katherine Fennelly

chapter 8|25 pages

Evaluation of an HIV Prevention Program Among Latino Farmworkers

ByShiraz I. Mishra, Ross F. Conner

part Part Three|32 pages


chapter 9|30 pages

HIV Prevention Policies and Programs: Perspectives from Researchers, Migrant Workers and Policymakers

ByRoss F. Conner, Shiraz I. Mishra, J. Raul Magaña